Niche is the New Mainstream February 2, 2009

Written by: Christy Wise
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AOL recently announced its plans to expand its existing roster of niche web properties and launch at least 30 new ones this year alone – recognizing that traffic is no longer their primary objective.

Blog Networks like Glam Media, b5 Media, Buzznet, and Mom Blog Network continue to add new niche blogs and communities to their roster, and blogs are popping up just to keep track.

Could this finally be the year that media, agencies, and brands welcome the motto “less is more” with open arms? Are marketers finally learning the value of finding and targeting the right online consumers as opposed to mass audiences with multiple interests?

The shift to the “few versus many” model was inevitable, but there is no doubt that the economy sped up the process. Shelling out millions on blanket media buys to reach the largest possible audience simply isn’t fiscally possible today. The concept of marketing on a budget really forced the industry to be creative with their tactics and media to be creative with their positioning. The result? Well, real results.

Websites, blogs, and communities that some of us have never even heard of are making an impact on campaign results like never before. The industry can no longer afford to judge a site’s influence and popularity by outdated metrics like website traffic or banner impressions. Let’s rid ourselves of the knee jerk reaction to spend all of our time, effort, and budget on iVillage, Myspace, and Yahoo! and start incorporating sites like I’m An Organizing Junkie, hi5, and Just Jared into the mix.

Who’s with me?

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