Generation Now February 3, 2009

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I’ve been really impressed by the marketing efforts behind the rebranding of Pepsi. The recently released ads for Pepsi’s “Wordplay” campaign really caught my attention; the campaign uses the new Pepsi logo to spell out positive and cheerful words, most notable among them “HOPE” playing to generation Obama and “CAN” — a more clever attempt at the same.

Both in the spot above and the more recent campaign spot aired during the Super Bowl, Pepsi directs viewers to The site is Pepsi’s hub for all that’s refreshing about now – the brand, the administration, the country. Anyone can watch new videos from Pepsi and share them with friends. You can even upload your own video documenting what you would say to our new President “the man who is about to refresh America?”

The entire initiative conveys such a positive feeling. Not surprisingly, it goes hand in hand with the new presidency and administration and the current buzz that surrounds them.  Pepsi’s recallable hook “Generation Next” seems to be taking a brief pit-stop to celebrate with “Generation Now”

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