Twitter and Mad Men Keep Fans Intrigued In The Off Season February 11, 2009

Written by: Digitally Approved
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How well do you really know your favorite television character?

I’ve always been one to get wrapped up in television shows, to the point of wishing I could be a part of the characters’ world.  Recently, I’ve noticed a new way this is possible…through Twitter.

The largest presence of a television show I’ve seen thus far on Twitter is for AMC’s “Mad Men”. As I sat on my couch enjoying the second season this summer, I decided to tweet about my love of the show. After doing this, I received numerous follower requests from the show’s characters.  I was suddenly emerged in their world. And it seems like all of the characters are involved, from the ad execs to the children!

The conversations that I have been a witness to through Twitter have significantly increased my enjoyment of the show. Right now, even in between seasons, these Twitter characters keep the world of “Mad Men” alive.

Have you run into any of your favorite television characters on Twitter?

Is this a form of engagement that you welcome?

And finally, can this build loyalty to a television show or will it just cater to the already loyal viewers?