Big Love For Twitter February 12, 2009

Written by: Liza Patriana
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In one of my recent tweets I made mention of the HBO show ‘Big Love’ — something about wishing someone with HBO would adopt me so that I could watch the season premiere.

In true Twitter fashion an account found me and started to follow me.

I clicked on it to see who they were, and although I saw a little bit of ‘Big Love’ branding, it wasn’t very prevalent. I was a bit confused about the profile since their bio said very little at the time. They have since spruced up the bio and the affiliation is now obvious.

Anyway, the profile is pretty neat and has become my version of getting my horrible gossip fix since I gave up all those celebrity blogs.

That Twitter account is associated with the HBO microsite Web Of Secrets which I’ve come to love!

The theme of the show is ‘Everyone has something to hide’ so you enter your secret, your alias, where you’re from and the secret type.

Your secret then populates the Twitter profile so every few minutes you get some random ‘secret’ like, “I am secretly in love with my boyfriend’s brother, and we’ve been sneaking around behind my boyfriends back for 6 months now…”

Sometimes you can even see some secrets from the characters themselves.

The site itself is pretty cool too; you start by clicking on one of the characters,


Click on Bill Paxton and there is the word CHEATING next to him. His secret pops up and says, “I’m cheating on my wives.” You mouse over that word CHEATING because it is highlighted and random words pop up from the background to populate another secret that was left by one of those anonymous users. I just did it now and it shows ‘Ashley from Texas’ saying, “I’m almost paralyzed by the fear that my boyfriend is cheating on me with his ex-wife.” Mouse over and you can click on the other highlighted words, where others’ secrets pop up.

Erica and I spent a good half an hour clicking around and scoffing at some horrible dirt before the season premiere. And yes, I was ultimately adopted by her current surrogate family, and I got to watch the premiere. The secrets keep coming!

I was looking around the web to see what was said about this campaign. Didn’t really dive into it too much, but I found this article about how the creators could have teamed with

Why I love this account? Most show profiles are never updated, but this one is different from just a character on twitter, like Peggy Olson from ‘Mad Men’ — I actually get intrigued to see what people are sharing. I love the tie-in with the season theme ‘Everyone has something to hide’, and I love the ‘Big Love’ billboard ads — I know completely off topic but I love that they look old and modern at the same time with the portraits.

It got me pumped about the premiere, and I actually made the effort to haul a** to the valley to watch cable TV! Constantly seeing the twitter feed reminded me about the show and I got extra pumped.