& IKEA February 13, 2009

Written by: Allie Wester
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I regularly read – my favorite section of the site is the “Daily Style” section.  The section features cute and admittedly frivolous buys – unique home décor, luxurious beauty products, and handmade picks from, among other great items.  Browsing the “Daily Style” section is like shopping at a boutique where it’s obvious the owner has meticulously picked out each and every item.  Heather (the woman behind Dooce) has great taste!

Earlier this month, I noticed IKEA products featured in the “Daily Style” section once, then twice, then again, and again, and again, and…again.  Furthermore, one of Heather’s recent blog posts features her daughter’s newly furnished room, with photos that look like they were ripped straight from the IKEA catalogue.

IKEA is either extremely lucky to be featured on the top-ranked “mommy blog,” or these features were coordinated by a public relations professional.  This reminds me of Chris Brogan’s “sponsored” Kmart post on Dad-O-Matic.  Chris Brogan was given a $500 Kmart gift card and then blogged about it.  Makes me wonder – did Dooce get some kind of monetary compensation for featuring IKEA?  Did she get a shopping spree in exchange for posting about IKEA a few times?  Maybe, maybe not.

If the IKEA explosion on Dooce was indeed compensated in some way, I actually think it’s great.  IKEA naturally fits in with the content on Dooce – all of her IKEA posts are seamlessly integrated.  They make sense.  IKEA is exactly something that is very “Heather,” and as a longtime reader, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was just obsessed with IKEA and therefore posted seven times about it. Heather isn’t a mommy blogger who endlessly posts reviews and contests – she’s incredibly picky with her content, and very rarely is there something that is obviously pitched by a PR professional.  Anything pitched to Heather absolutely has to be the perfect fit – which you would only know by being very familiar with Heather, her site, and her sense of style.  So maybe the IKEA features were pitched for or paid for – but maybe IKEA is just “lyckas” (that’s IKEA-speak for “lucky”).