The Reinvention of the Fan Site February 17, 2009

Written by: Christy Wise
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It’s safe to say that fan websites and communities of yore were dead. You know – the Geocities, Angelfire, and EarthLink hosted web pages cluttered with blinking graphics and fuzzy photos of teen idols?

These outdated fan sites were replaced when Social Networks came onto the scene – providing die hard enthusiasts with little site building experience, an easy platform to showcase their love for heart throb Justin Timberlake, The Los Angeles Lakers, or MTV’s The Real World.  Much like the fan sites that birthed them, these communities were generally run by admirers with little or no commitment to the undertaking and were often abandoned as soon as the next big thing came onto the scene.

And then there were blogs.

Though fan site created social network profiles still remain active in some communities, blogs made it even that much easier to share your love of Saved by the Bell with the world. Though many of these blogs of devotion share the same challenges as the profiles, others are making a big splash with the help of fan site and blog networks.

To get your fix on World of Warcraft, Tom Brady, Ugly Betty, NASCAR, Twilight, Lauren Conrad, Jamie Lynn Spears and Jessica Alba, check out Weblogs Inc., Celebuzz, b5 Media, Fan Sided, Fan Gap, and Sports Blog Nation for seamless layouts, photos and video, and the latest news. No flashing rainbows or cursive font here.

Note to everyone still hanging on to their Geocities Molly Ringwald fan site – there could be a paying gig in this for you! Which just made me realize that I am completely out of the loop on all things Molly. Which just made me realize that I am old.

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  1. Great. But I’m still unclear on how to transition my fav fan page. It must be immersed in rainbows (they are the bridges to our dreams), and there’s no other way to write “BARBARIAN BROTHERS” other than in cursive. HELP!

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