What To Do February 18, 2009

Written by: Larry Weintraub
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In response to my article the other day in iMedia, several people have asked me what else they can do to market themselves or their company. Specifically, they want to know which of the social networks they should use.

Here are my 5 top line thoughts:

  1. A) LinkedIn is the best PERSONAL social network tool for business. Meaning that it is the best way to promote yourself. Now, as a company, I want to make sure all of my employees are up on LinkedIn and I want to make sure their commentary about the company is fairly similar, but with their own flair. If people are researching my company, I want them to know that they can look up individual employees to find out more about us.
  1. B) LinkedIn for your business – Create a group, a thought leadership organization about your specific skill. For example, I wouldn’t necessarily start a Fanscape Group, I’d start a Digital Word of Mouth Marketing group. I’d be the founder and I’d lead the discussions, so that people can always refer back to me, but I’d do it in a thought leadership manner.
  1. C) LinkedIn for your business (cont.) – I still recommend having a company group as well. This is more about having your employees bond together and exchange information between them. This is public, so people can peer into your company, but more of a transparent internal tool than an external one.

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