There Is Always A Place For You Online February 20, 2009

Written by: Christy Wise
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For many of us living in Los Angeles, the all talk radio station 97.1 Free FM helped us to weather the dreaded morning and afternoon commute – not to mention the time spent fighting mid-morning traffic and mid-afternoon traffic. In Los Angeles we spend a lot of time in our cars. Sudden news of a format change broke Wednesday afternoon when CBS announced that it would be switching formats from talk radio to Top 40. Free FM will now be AMP Radio as of 5pm today, February 20.  This news coming not too long after Indie 103.1, another Los Angeles station, ceased its broadcast.

As a huge Adam Carolla morning show fan I am of course extremely disappointed by the news. I’ll even miss Tom Leykis – as much as it pains me to say it. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel for the fans of the “Ace Man”– and that light is the internet. According to Adam himself, on Thursday morning’s broadcast, the show will continue at via Podcast. Though that doesn’t help me with the whole sitting in traffic issue, it’s still an opportunity for not just Angelenos and 97.1’s other syndicates but the whole country to get their fix. The opportunity that the web provides to not just the 15-year old YouTube celebrity but to traditional media formats is becoming more and more prevalent as the economy affects more and more corporations. Newspapers, magazines, television networks, and radio stations are being “forced” to seek their audiences online only – and maybe it’s about time. Why bother trying to fight the inevitable? The web provides you with opportunities that traditional formats simply cannot. Less regulation means more creative freedom – the freedom that if allowed would have probably kept you on-air or in print in the first place. A wider audience means the chance at more fans, more audience interaction and more ways to reach your listeners, viewers or readers. When done right many of these mediums will see more success than they ever did before. This is they year that traditional media will take over the web at an unprecedented rate – it’s just a shame that it seems to be happening so reluctantly.

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