Copy And Paced March 2, 2009

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Those of us in Digital Marketing often pay most attention to the developments in graphics and design and the improvements to interactive content, but copy — good ole words and phrases — has evolved in the last 10 years as much or more than all the rest. And with it the task of copywriting. As chief communicators between brands and consumers, we cannot forget the importance of words and how we can best use them in the broader digital environment in which we operate.

Copy has evolved from a static tagline to a conversation, plain and simple, and it’s incredibly important to note that evolution. We all read that monologue is now dialogue, or that it should be. We read how it is no longer enough to talk, but equally as important to listen and respond. And so the copywriter’s job has changed. Or at least there’s now room for a different kind of copywriter in your company. And this new hire requires a few new and key qualifications.

You’re looking for a conversationalist — someone who can draft responses and reinvent messages on the fly, who can communicate with your customers whenever they have questions and needs. And I’m not just talking someone who’s good at schmoozing but someone who can genuinely communicate with your customers about your brand and all of its layers of value in real time.

You’re looking for someone who’s passionate about your brand, who knows it inside and out. And this becomes your job as the brand, as much as anyone’s to educate — always. In this era of dialogue, you should want everyone to be as knowledgeable about your company as they can be, knowledgeable about everything from your client list, to your executive roster, to your corporate history, to your mission, to your little league sponsorships. This empowers your employees and even your customers to speak to what you do as a brand and enables your new-age copywriter to navigate the world of consumer feedback with an arsenal of value points that will only bolster your brand identity online and off.

You’re looking for someone who’s patient. Continually learning about your company and listening to consumers takes time. It’s no longer about canvassing streets or sites with cookie cutter messaging but about joining the conversations and threads that are most relevant and appropriate. You want someone on your team who knows when to engage and when to respond, and more importantly when not to. And this requires that you, the brand, are patient too, that you take time to educate and allow time to find more of the right conversations, even if that means speaking less.