I Want My 6 Minutes Back March 9, 2009

Written by: Liza Patriana
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I was going through my various newsletter headlines this morning and while reading that PepsiCo is teaming up with Cagefighting (yeah, the story was not as exciting as the title that hooked me) I came upon an article about Dairy Queen’s New Online Game.

I will admit I recently was having a conversation with someone about Dairy Queen since I rarely see them around Los Angeles. (Random factoid: a friend of mine just inherited a Dairy Queen store from his grandparents in CO. I know.) Back to the DQ Game, the article talks about how this economy is definitely forcing people to count their pennies and attempt to get more for their buck(s). This game, “What’s Your Deal”, allows customers to “mix and match nine menu items” creating various value combinations. Looking at the screenshot included in the article I already should’ve started running. It looks so elementary and basic. But I had to give it a go and see if this was compelling enough to make me want to find the nearest DQ.

Logging into the game is very simple. Then I get to the instructions and all I have to do is match colors? I play and think things will get difficult as I keep playing, maybe even have a point! Alas, it turns out all I really am doing is matching colors, really not paying attention to the items themselves. If people are “home more often in this economy” playing casual games like this then I weep for the world! I am all for mindless games but this was mindless and pointless! And to top it off I didn’t even get some sort of coupon at the end! All I got was a note to “exercise my right to choose and mix my meal”. Are you kidding me? Share with a Friend button? I shall spare you!