Twitter: Five Is The Magic Number March 10, 2009

Written by: Christy Wise
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More and more brands are flocking to Twitter in an attempt to reach and communicate with their consumers. Though there is a clear debate on whether or not brands and major corporations belong on Twitter and in other social networks, I think everyone can agree that there is no chance these companies are packing it in any time soon. What’s actually refreshing about brands trying their hand at social media – Twitter in particular, is their new found willingness to follow the community rules and guidelines (or perhaps their new found fear of being chastised by its members), and learn from the mistakes of others. At Fanscape, we assist many brands, corporations, advertisers, and personalities in developing their Twitter strategies – and one of the questions we repeatedly get from clients is – “How many times should I Twitter per day?”

Seems like a simple enough question – only the answer is a bit more complicated. I will of course explain to our clients that it’s about finding the right mix between quality and quantity. It’s about providing value to those who follow you. It’s about engaging with the community and responding to their questions, commenting on their tweets, re-tweeting what you find of interest, and relaying compelling messages. Some brands can do this effectively in 2-3 tweets a day, some in 10 or more.

The real answer is – there is no magic number. But for those of us working at marketing agencies, we know that this answer simply isn’t good enough for a client new to this world.

So lately when I’ve been asked this question – I will go through the motions, explain the Twitter etiquette, the engagement value, the importance of communication – and then I will just say 5. Five is the magic number. Brands will learn best practices and how to properly interact with their customers through a process of trial and error. Sure we can guide them down the right path – but they need to jump in head first. The best thing I can provide is a solid, manageable goal – one that will get them started and keep them focused. It may seem overly simple – but the “5 tweet rule” makes it all seem possible.