Is Facebook The New Equalizer? March 18, 2009

Written by: Digitally Approved
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We all remember high school, right? The defined social boundaries, the cliques…even if you were “friends with everyone” like me. You still know what I’m talking about. We’ve all seen “Heathers” and “Mean Girls” — and enjoyed them. Most of the reason these movies are hilarious is that they are pretty much true. In high school, not much is more important than the self-imposed social rankings.

Now when I log into Facebook, I see the “hot cheerleader” in conversation with the “class dork” that everyone used to make fun of. It makes me smile. I see someone joining Facebook and immediately reaching out to everyone from their high school. It makes for a great sense of community…and belonging. Even if you didn’t feel that belonging when physically in high school.

It seems that everyone is in touch, and there are no rules about who you can or cannot talk to.

Now this isn’t saying that Facebook isn’t causing a whole other set of problems for those actually currently enrolled in high school, but here’s hoping that social networks can change people’s way of thinking…at least post-high school!