Selling Girl Scout Cookies Online March 20, 2009

Written by: Allie Wester
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The other day I read an article about little Wild Freeborn, a girl scout who utilized online methods to sell Girl Scout cookies. With a goal of selling 12,000 boxes of cookies, Wild created a YouTube video with a cute sales pitch and had her dad help set up an online ordering system. Great idea, right? Yes, but due to the competitive nature of cookie selling, Wild’s approach was deemed an unfair advantage. After she sold 1,000 boxes of cookies, Wild was forced to dismantle her online ordering system. It’s interesting to note that Wild’s online ordering form was more of a request form. You couldn’t pay online – that had to be done when Wild delivered the cookies to you.

When I first read this article, I wished Wild lived in my neighborhood. It’s no wonder Wild sold so many cookies – if there was a little girl utilizing online efforts in my neighborhood, I’d be online and ordering Samoas in no time. Online ordering is so much easier than staking out Girl Scout stands at grocery stores and Wal-Marts. Who has time for that?

As much as I applaud Wild’s effort, I see how it is unfair to the other little girls who don’t have tech-savvy parents. All unfairness aside though, it’s time to bring the Girl Scouts to 2009. My solution? Set up each girl with their own online store a la or They can then peddle cookies to whomever they want – and each girl gets individual credit.

For now, it looks as if the best thing we’ll get as far as convenience and ease of getting cookies goes is the Little Brownie Bakers Cookie Locator. If you punch in your zip code, a calendar pops up with Girl Scout cookie table locations. Pretty helpful. On the not-so-helpful side: I attempted to locate Girl Scout cookies on After entering my name, email and zip code, I was greeted with a message that said, “Great! A representative of Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles will contact you shortly.” Pretty laughable – and inefficient. Oh well – the longer the Girl Scouts ban online cookie sales, the less weight I will gain!