Earth Day Online April 22, 2009

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Today we celebrate Earth Day, and in my morning internet perusing I have noticed just how much the online community embraces Earth Day and environmental activism.  Here are links to just a few of the great environmental, Earth Day relevant sites across the web:

Earth Protect – Think of this as the YouTube of environmentalism – a video upload site focused on protecting the earth.

Repower America – Home of Al Gore’s energy plan to “repower” the USA with 100% clean electricity in the next 10 years.

Care2 – Not just focused on the environment, this social empowerment site gives you the tools to petition and take action in whatever issues move you.

Google Power Meter – An iGoogle Gadget that monitors and reports your detailed energy usage and feedback as a way to identify where you can best conserve energy.

YouTube – YouTube features this playlist of video lectures by Stanford experts speaking on energy topics.

Finally, we can’t leave out the ultimate indicator of what’s happening on the web Twitter.  I leave you with this screenshot of Twitter trending topics from this morning.  It makes me smile to see the online world embrace Earth Day – hope you feel the same way!