The Power Of ‘Oprah’ May 7, 2009

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I’m not sure if anyone is following this free KFC chicken coupon promotion but if you are not, you may want to start. Basically, the all mighty Oprah teamed up with KFC to help promote their new grilled chicken initiative. She talked about the free coupon on her show and posted information on her site; and from there all hell broke loose. I do admit that my mom emailed the coupon and I passed it to several fellow Fanscapers…its free food and its Oprah…what more do you need to know.

The coupon was available to download for two days, by the 2nd day no one could download because the site was too busy. Now we hear that the free meal coupon is sparking riots at KFC across the US. So I ask myself,

Did KFC get more than they bargained for using Oprah as their promotion vehicle?

Should one person posses that much power?

Are people really that hungry?

And finally, which KFC location will take my coupon? 🙂

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