“Crank Yankers” And Nike?? May 21, 2009

Written by: Digitally Approved
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I’m not sure how many of you have seen the new Nike commercials for the NBA playoffs, but I have to call them out since one of my old friends from college created them. I personally think they are hilarious, and I promise that’s an unbiased opinion. But I’m curious as to whether or not anyone was able to figure out what they are based on as far as concept goes?

Well, drum roll please… does anyone remember “Crank Yankers”? Well if you are not familiar with the show, it was created and produced by Adam Carolla, Jimmy Kimmel and Daniel Kellison and it featured actual prank calls made by show regulars and celebrity guests which were re-enacted onscreen by puppets. The show premiered in 2002 on Comedy Central and returned to MTV2 in 2007. My friend was a huge fan of the show and if you watch some of the episodes and the Nike commercials you will see the similarities. Enjoy!

Crank Yankers
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