Have You Binged Yet? June 24, 2009

Written by: Digitally Approved
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I am a pretty loyal person, and Google has always been my main man. I consistently use the word “Google” interchangeably with the word “search”, I’m in love with my Gmail and its search features, and I can’t get enough of Gchat.

Then all of a sudden, all of the talk was about Bing, the new man on campus. What is Bing? What differentiates it from Google as a search engine? Well according to Microsoft, it’s being touted as a “decision making engine”, not a search engine. Personally, it seems pretty similar to Google. Some differences: Bing puts their related searches on the left, instead of the bottom, which is convenient. When searching for “Saved By the Bell” (come on, best show ever) it organizes my results into different categories: just SBTB, SBTB Wallpaper, SBTB Quotes, SBTB DVDs, and so on. This could be helpful if I’m not really sure what I’m searching for, but it also clutters the page and makes it a bit confusing.

Ultimately, it’s too early to tell what I think about Bing, but I do admit their ad spots centered on “Search Overload Syndrome” are pretty entertaining:

I’m not saying I’m dumping Google, but I might have to flirt with Bing a bit to test the waters. What do you all think of Bing so far?

2 thoughts on “Have You Binged Yet?

  1. Totally love their ads. That is pretty much the state of search right now but am not too convinced either that Bing is really offering the solution.

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