AdAge Mad Men DVD Giveaway July 17, 2009

Written by: Christy Wise
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Something I don’t think I’ve seen in recent memory in marketing industry trade Advertising Age, is an editorial giveaway, and yet sure enough in my email inbox a few days ago was an article titled “’Mad Men’ Season Two on Blu-ray: a Giveaway” linking to a piece by “Media Guy” columnist Simon Dumenco. It’s clear that the writer is a fan, and it is also apparent that the marketing behind the critically acclaimed series is definitely AdAge worthy. So the inclusion of the show itself is not unique, but the added bonus of randomly giving away Blu-Ray copies of the show is something that definitely caught my eye.
Which brings me to this point: Something as simple as a DVD giveaway is a fantastic way to connect readers to the content you are trying to circulate and at very little cost. The Mad Men example couldn’t be simpler in concept, yet the writer and the publication (and likely a marketing team with AMC) is clearly aware that the series is a big hit with their target demo, and has a direct connection to the subject matter (advertising industry) they communicate daily. It’s the perfect fit. Something tells me it will be one of the top clicked AdAge stories of the day.
To enter, email Simon Dumenco with “Mad Men” in the subject line, and he will randomly draw a winner before August 14. For additional details, click here.