Amazon vs. Apple July 21, 2009

Written by: Larry Weintraub
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Amazon vs. Apple
There is a fantastic and fascinating article in the latest Fast Company about Amazon’s attempt to do for publishing what Apple did for music.  The idea being that with the Kindle, Amazon has the premiere device that people will use for reading and downloading books, magazines, newspapers, and blogs.  Similar to what Apple did with the MP3 player.  The result for Apple is that they own the market and they have the power to control the music business.  Now Amazon can possibly do the same with the publishing world and soon authors might be able to cut a deal directly with Amazon and skip the publishers all together.

Sounds like a plan, huh?  Well, what if Apple decides to put out their own version of the Kindle and it’s sexier in a way that only Apple can produce?

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One thought on “Amazon vs. Apple

  1. I’m sure this already in the works knowing Apple, its probably on page 23 of their World Domination handbook 🙂

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