Splenda Sweetens Facebook July 22, 2009

Written by: Larry Weintraub
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Lots of brands are trying new marketing techniques on Facebook.  Starbucks is giving away ice cream and Splenda is giving away their new Splenda Mist.  But they’re not just giving it away, they’re asking for feedback.  They’re actually using Facebook to do market research and get a feel for how well their new product might do in the real world.

Read this recent Ad Age artcile…

Facebook Turns Focus Group With Splenda Product-Sampling App

Sweetener Uses Site to Give Consumers First Look at Its New Mist Spray and Gather Feedback Pre-Rollout

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) — Sixteen-thousand samples distributed, 3,100 fans professing their admiration and 1,500 product surveys completed.

Those are the results from a first-of-its-kind campaign conducted by Splenda for its Splenda Mist prototype, a pocket-size spray form of the sweetener, which has yet to hit the market. Traditionally, marketers in that situation might peddle freebies at grocery stores, embrace street sampling or organize focus groups. Splenda instead turned to Facebook.

BROWN: 'It's another tool in which to explore a product idea ... in a very efficient way.'
BROWN: ‘It’s another tool in which to explore a product idea … in a very efficient way.’

“Facebook offered us the opportunity not only to advertise with a brand message and a product message but also the opportunity to solicit feedback and to have our target raise their hand and say, ‘I want to sample this product,'” said Ivy Brown, group product director-Splenda.

The campaign used engagement ads to direct consumers to the Splenda Mist page, where through a custom sampling application, they could sign up for a “first look” at the new product. Splenda grabbed names, shipping addresses and e-mail addresses but also demographic data including gender and age range. When consumers signed up for a sample or became a fan of the product, it showed up in their feeds, which Ms. Brown said helped the campaign spread virally. Splenda had hoped to distribute 10,000 samples in 12 weeks; instead, it gave away more than 16,000 samples in two weeks. Starting Monday, Facebook plans to launch a sampling-based engagement ad, the sixth type of “engagement ad” it’s launched.

Read the whole Ad Age artcile HERE

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