Top Viral Videos of the Week July 24, 2009

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Evian’s Rollerskating Babies
Babies are the new ‘x-factor’ nowadays when it comes down to creating a lot of buzz. E*Trade has rode baby sensation for quite sometime with their talking superstar and now Evian is hopping on the bandwagon by adding their own twist. From moon walking, to break dancing and now roller-skating, Evian has taken their viral campaign to a whole new level. They’re cute, they’re quirky and they’re hip. Evian has created a winning formula with their Live Young campaign.

This month alone, Evian’s videos have generated millions of views upon its release last month in June. Their YouTube page received many accolades such as: #1 Most Subscribed (This Month) Partners in France and #10 Most Subscribed (All Time) in France. It seems like they aren’t losing any steam either. Over the past few days, Evian has uploaded a few more videos interviewing the new baby superstars, each with their own personality trait. Very humorous I must say.

You certainly cannot go wrong with a campaign featuring babies as long as you do it right.