Top Retweets: The Anatomy Of The Twitter Attack July 27, 2009

Written by: Digitally Approved
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One of the top Twitter retweets last week was regarding Twitter itself! Remember the news of the “Twitter Attacks” that were taking place? Well, 1,701 people decided the article outlining it was a worthy retweet, and honestly it is quite interesting. I would have never have really understood how people could be so sneaky and actually quite smart to hack into such a major social network.

It is funny — many people thought Google was the culprit, and it turns out one of Twitter’s own hacked into their system. The person who wrote this article actually was getting information from the Hacker himself known as “Hacker Carroll,” and for security purposes information was not disclosed until now. This article goes into detail of how the attack was formulated and ultimately executed. The results of this attack are crucial as well as beneficial. Twitter’s security is not only more tighter and extensive but it’s fragile in a way as well. I’m assuming that the company probably has to keep a careful eye on all of it’s employees to not let such a mistake reoccur.

Take a look here for the full article.