Top Retweets: Top 5 Funniest Fake Facebook Pages July 31, 2009

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Everyone knows that Barack Obama doesn’t have an official Facebook page and neither does Steve Jobs or even…God. But we can always wonder, “If any of these people had their own profile page, what would it look like?” And furthermore, “what would they be saying?” Thanks to the people over at Mashable, they garnered as many fake Facebook pages as they could and chose 5 of the most humorous profile pages. With over 1810 retweets and counting, that makes this tweet one of the most talked about this week!

Full article found here.

My favorite update comes from Steve Jobs:
“Hey Bill (Gates), you like Apples? I made the iPod, how do you like them apples?”
Response from Bill Gates: “Thanks a lot Steve. Hope you liked the Zune.”

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