I Know I’m Ready for Some Football September 9, 2009

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First and foremost, I must admit, I am a huge NFL junkie. Without exception, every year for the five months that follow the Superbowl, a little bit of me dies off. That and much to the excitement of my friends and family, my Sundays (and Monday nights) are free and clear. But come July when training camp starts and the pre-season gets going a few weeks later, my engine revs up and it’s like I’ve come alive in a whole new world. Don’t even get me started when the first “Are You Ready For Some Football” is uttered by Hank Williams Jr. I know, I know, as a female being such a big fan is not  very common; for that, I wear my NFL fandom and my team affiliation like a badge of honor.

In addition to going to games (which is an amazing experience in and of itself and I highly recommend it), hitting up your local sports bar to catch the games, or even having the posse over to check out Sunday Ticket to cheer on your boys, we live in a time where there’s an infinite amount of online choices for the football fan in all of us.

Of course there’s esteemed NFL.com and ESPN.com, where anything you want to know about any team, from stats to scores to game day analysis is just a click away. There’s Justin.tv for the fan that just can’t seem to ever get their favorite team on regular broadcast television. Additionally, there’s a ridiculous amount of team/player/fan sites (OchoCinco’s Twitter page anyone) and fantasy football leagues to further connect with players, dish dirt, smack talk and to fuel the rumor mills.

There’s also some of the funniest commercials and TV segments that you can imagine (and sometimes so bad they’re funny), starring our beloved NFL players. If you haven’t seen these, enjoy. You’re welcome. And get yourself ready for some football already!

The So Sad It’s Funny: NFL Players Mentor Troubled Detroit Lions (Thanks so much The Onion!)

The Just Plain Bad: Jake Delhomme is Bojangles’ Defender of the Fresh Biscuit

The Classic: Peyton Manning’s Saturday Night Live faux United Way Clip

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