Marketing using online Street Teams October 26, 2009

Written by: Digitally Approved
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In response to the “Record Labels Are Losing Power to Fans, Artists” post last week, I’d like to highlight a shift in the effectiveness of marketing a new or upcoming artist through social media- based street teams.

George Howard, the former president of the Rykodisc label stated that “Record labels in the future will concern themselves with all the heretofore locked assets that an artist has, and [with] utilizing music as a sort of gateway to a more dynamic relationship between artist and constituent.”

George’s comment illustrates the exact positioning of, an online hub for street team management and promotion for music, film, video games, politics and sports.  Recently, Fancorps has been utilized to assemble the street team for latest season of American Idol’s 4th place finisher, teenage pop-rocker Allison Iraheta.

Fancorps page

I received a Facebook notification about the launch of Allison’s Fancorps street team, where I am a member of her fan page.  Allison also has an official Twitter account where she posted information about the street team launch.  I’ve been eagerly awaiting her December 1st album release and this opportunity seemed like a perfect way to pass the time and help promote her debut record.

Allison was signed by 19 Recordings/Jive Records back in June, and the label is taking a grassroots, fan-based approach to her marketing efforts.  Social media is the main component of Allison’s street team, and members are prompted to choose which categories of street team promotions they want to be a part of: Allison’s Artists, Flyer Fans, MYSPACERS, Facebookers, Tweeps, and Telemundo Fans.

FB Street teaming

After joining Allison’s Fancorps street team, members are asked to complete “orders” which may include a variety of promotional tasks like posting Allison’s debut album cover to your Facebook Wall or submitting reasons why Allison should come to your hometown during her album press tour. Completed orders reward fans with points, which can be traded in for exclusive Allison merchandise.

Allison’s Fancorps page serves as a direct link to Allison herself and empowers her fans to spread the word about her new single and debut album. Fans get exclusive access to Allison’s music and assets, which help develop an intimate relationship between fan and artist.  Fancorps’s philosophy isn’t necessarily new, but its prominence and legitimacy in the digital marketing environment has grown exponentially since social media became valuable marketing channels.

Fancorps may not single-handedly make Allison Iraheta a star, but like Fanscape’s CEO, Larry Weintraub, mentioned in his assessment of the future of the music label, “The chances for becoming a star are slim. But they always have been.”