A Few Fun Things We Found On The Interwebs October 29, 2009

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Just a little end of the week fun. Even the most diligent of workers takes a few every now and then to catch some of the cool new things of the Web. Hopefully you find these as sweet as we (or shall I say I) do.

Yearn to have the appearance of  being more productive while at the office? Check out CantYouSeeImBusy.com a cleaver little site that incorporates games into what looks like an office document, spread sheet or chart. I think my fave is the Breakdown. I won’t tell anyone if you don’t.

cantyouseeimbusy copy

With a mantra like ‘Adding insult to everything,’ how can you not love Tauntr. Using the basic premise that sports fans love to taunt, heckle and incessantly mock opposing teams, players and the people who like them, this little gem gives us the platform to let the humor flow – in video, interactive and mock editorial headline form. Hey Tauntr, nice work. Let the sports fan smackdown begin!


This one is special for so very many reasons, but it’s really for our Los Angeles friends and those coming to visit. If you are not already in-the-know, let me introduce you to The Grilled Cheese Truck.


By now you’ve surely heard of the Koji Beef Truck, the Korean BBQ vehicle that travels around Los Angeles delighting those, who are lucky enough to spot it, with taco-style Korean BBQ. Well, The Grilled Cheese Truck makes the rounds throughout Los Angeles as well, but is pure comfort food heaven. TGCT has even taken to Facebook and Twitter to keep fans in the loop of their whereabouts.

If you’ve got traveling food vendors like this in your neck of the woods, of course I want to hear about it. Maybe I’ll do a post on these modern traveling food vendors.