Best of ’09 – Gadgets December 18, 2009

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Gadgets are fun for a myriad of reasons; having lots of the proverbial ‘bells and whistles,’ excellent functionality and even just because it looks cool. In the second installment of our best of 2009, we’re jumping into what we think are some of the cool gizmos of the year.

The Dyson Air Multiplier™

A fan with no blades? Rhetorically speaking, how crazy cool is this thing.


Motorola Droid

“With the DROID, the company has perhaps created its most attractive and intriguing piece of technology yet.” so says Joshua Topolsky of engadget. We think so as well.


Not going to be as tech-talkie as engadget or gizmodo, but suffice it to say the coolest thing about this new phone is the updated Google OS and how visually impressive it is.  It’s functionality is pretty powerful too.

Amazon Kindle / Sony Reader

True these two digital reading devices have been around a little longer than 2009, but this was the year they really took off and have become a must-have for the avid reader and the tech-loving consumer.


Sony Reader

Amazon introduced the second-gen Kindle and Sony has its three distinct editions – all of which have the e-publishing world booming this year.

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