Best of ’09 – Sites December 21, 2009

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As with the hip apps and gadgets, we are constantly discovering Websites that address some of our most basic or compelling needs. Sites like People of Walmart, Posterous and Wonderwall are fun and allow for us to embarrass people we know, write a little something or catch up on our celeb gossip all while putting a little dent into that eight-hour work day.  2009 also brought us some other pretty cool sites that are a combination of functional,  useful and amusing. At least we think so.

Talk about functional: downforeveryoneorjustme is one of the most minimalistic sites you’ll ever come across, but one of the most useful. Having a problem accessing a particular Website? Just type the name of the site in the box provided and click the ‘or just me’ hyper link and in a nanosecond you’ll know whether or not it’s just you that is experiencing problems. No need to IM your co-workers or friends, this site works just fine.

downforeveryoneorjustme screen shotWant to keep up on what people are chatting about in one fancy little destination? Check out Buzz Feed, the kind of stuff you want to send your friends. Sure it was founded in 2006, but this site never fails to deliver and 2009 was a great year for Buzz Feed. Where do you think we found some of the funny sites we’ve already brought your way?

Buzz Feed Screen Shot

Tumblr has been gaining traction this year, especially with it’s (pardon our French) “fuckyeah” trend. You love something “fuckyeah” it and follow. This lovely micro-blog moniker is really about people loving something enough to let everyone know. As a co-worker once told me, Tumblr is like Twitter on steroids. Indeed.

FY Tumblr copy

Companies like Coca-Cola and Ikea have been making moves in the social media space this year and have been pretty impressive. Coca-Cola’s Expedition 206 is off and running and the Ikea Facebook campaign has been generating much praise. Then there’s the good old scavenger hunt that has been gaining a whole lot of online attention this year. One in particular that stood out for us here at Fanscape is the Go Forth campaign brought to us by Levi’s.

GO Forth

One of the most creative campaigns we’ve seen this year. We were most impressed with the amazing amount of time that went into creating the back-story, hiding the $100,000 and the dig for the Grayson Ozias IV ( G.O. Forth) treasure.

Rounding out the brief  year in sites is one of the best things ever, Texts From Last Night. Not much explaining to do here, but a piece of advice, be careful what you drunk text because it could wind up right here.

Texts From Last Night

Next up: Tweeters of ’09

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