The Mighty Resolution December 30, 2009

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As every New Year begins, so do our resolutions – be it to lose weight, save money, spend more time with our loved ones or, well you get the picture, everything we didn’t get done in past years’ – we all have a thing or two we intend on addressing as the calendar ushers us into a new decade. With Social Media taking such a prominent role in our lives, I’ve been thinking how it might be leveraged to help us achieve our 2010 resolutions.

I am willing to bet the most common resolution is to either lose weight or get in better shape. Sure you could do a Google search to find a good diet, but is that really connecting you to the right people or places? What about looking to your Facebook friends or starting (or join) a group to keep the motivation of the resolution going? A mobile phone app maybe? Not any one particular destination is the solution for everyone, it’s really about finding what’s right for you. But, social media can definitely lend a helping hand.

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Virtual Weight Loss application

Virtual Weight Loss iPhone App

Looking for more quality time with the family or friends? Be it looking for Girls/Guys weekend get away to finding what to cook for dinner with little-to-no time? Social Media to the rescue. A recent article in the Chicago Tribune went into some detail on how social media shifts the way we travel and Mashable reported back in July 15 of the top social media sites for foodies, which includes everything from where to find local farm fresh fare to user submitted recipes.  You can even visit a directory site like The Mom Blogs or Blog Catalog to find the right blog for you and your family.

The Mom Blogs

Daddy Blogs

Trying to save some money? Yeah, social media’s got that too.

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Not quite sure what you want to resolve? Take a look at what other people’s resolutions are at 43 things. It’s a great place to set up goals or wishes year-round and to connect with people who have similar aspirations. Once you meet the criteria you’ve set forth in your resolution, you can also provide tips and tricks on how to achieve it to help make it easier for others to complete their efforts.

43 Things

There are plenty of other resolutions out there that I haven’t touched upon. Suffice it to say that there’s likely a way social media can help you out.  If your resolution happens to be figuring your way into  social media, jump into the pool already, the water is warm and we’re waiting for you.

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