Who knew driving could be so…well, social January 7, 2010

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Driving around the City and experiencing excruciating traffic is nothing new, but something I have noticed more and more of these days, is that we are being deluged by drivers’ complete lack of regard for anything or anyone around them.  I know I can’t be the only one here seeing this sad trend. Whether it’s people chatting on their mobile phones or those just in a hurry to get to point B, people are paying much less attention to their surroundings and how their poor driving effects the entire commute of those around them.

It’s frustrating indeed, but just when you think that honking, screaming and “gesturing” are your only options, along comes what will likely become my best online friend ever, CarPong.

CarPong Home Page

The premise of this new social site is simple, yet effective: write a message to other drivers utilizing their license plate as their contact and post it to the CarPong site. The thought is that by signing up and others signing up, messages will be delivered and received.  Sure, it can also be used as a new social dating tool to inform the hotness that’s driving right past you that you’re interested, but it can also be used for more pure intentions…publicly shaming those that cut you off,  the eventual right-ers and those drivers that just think they are always more important that everyone else.

CarPong Recent Messages

Who knew driving could be so social. Of all things, why didn’t I think of that.

4 thoughts on “Who knew driving could be so…well, social

  1. Hi Nadia,

    Definitely a concern that we’ve taken into consideration. CarPong does not ask for your address, nor does it display any identifying information about you other than your username and profile image. So you can feel free to post with relative anonymity (of course, don’t break any laws while doing so).

  2. Very valid point Nadia.

    From what I can tell, CarPong doesn’t list physical addresses in profiles because it’s not even any part of the sign up process. I think that was probably intentional.

  3. Sounds great! The social utility is clearly there, but what about the concern many females may have about opening themselves up to stalkers??

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