Thinking about the iPad January 28, 2010

Written by: Digitally Approved
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The following piece was posted by Fanscape CEO, Larry Weintraub, to his Smart Marketing blog . We at Digitally Approved thought you might like to see what Larry’s thoughts are on Apple’s newest creation, the iPad.

ipadDo I want an iPad? Yes. Do I need an iPad? No. Would I use an iPad if I had one? Probably for about a day.

Here’s why I love my iPhone. Because I can carry one device on an airplane. When you travel as much as I do, you learn to pack as light as possible. The iPhone made it so I didn’t need to carry a phone, an organizer, an iPod, and as many books & magazines as I used to. I’m all about downsizing. Less stuff.

The Kindle was intriguing. But it’s heavy. A lot heavier than you think it’s going to be when you look at it online or when you see someone holding it in their hands. I have to take my laptop on most trips so if I add a Kindle, it’s too much. But I love the concept. I love the idea that all of my books and magazines can fit on one device and I don’t have to carry the weight associated with all the individual literature. So, give me a laptop with 10 hours of life that can hold my books and magazines. Make it super light. Make it affordable. Under $1,000.

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