Five Things You Need To Know About Facebook February 12, 2010

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Fanscape Sr. Manager, Social Media, Eric Fransen, is our resident expert on all things Facebook. Want to know the current promotions policy, functionality updates and other cool things to do? Eric’s your (and our) guy. Eric lays out some of the interesting things happening on one of our favorite social networking sites (have you seen the new design?).


(1) You can mention people and pages in your updates using the “@” symbol (like Twitter). You can tag people and pages in status updates just like you would on Twitter. They will be pinged, and depending on privacy settings, your posts will appear on their wall, quite similar to tagged photos.

(2) You can search all public updates to find people talking about what interests you (like Twitter). The beauty of Twitter is the ability to see what people are talking about on a massive scale. Facebook has taken a step in this direction by allowing updates to be public and letting users search them. You can also search within only your friends’ updates.

FB and AIM

(3) Facebook can connect with AOL Instant Messenger. With the latest version of AIM, you can instant message your Facebook friends right from your buddy list. To get started, just click the Facebook Connect button at the top of the AIM beta buddy list and log in.

(4) You can run promotions, but only if Facebook says it’s ok. This is a relatively recent policy addition, where all promotions (give aways, contests, etc) need to be approved by Facebook in advance and they must be administered by a third-party app. They also cannot explicitly require social interaction to enter (become a fan, “like” a post, post a comment, etc.).

(5) The world can see when you’ve become a fan of a page (so choose wisely). With the new privacy settings, your name, profile picture and fan pages are publicly viewable by anyone. Something you should consider when becoming a fan of that really trashy TV show. 

These are a few of the many aspects of Facebook you may not be aware of.  Facebook is constantly evolving, as we’ve been seeing a lot of lately – with the home page re-designs and functionality updates.  Eric will keep us all updated,  but if you have any questions, just give us a shout!

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