#140Conf L.A. Meetup – Roundup May 11, 2010

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A few of us Fanscapers attended last night’s #140Conf L.A. Meet up held at the legendary Comedy Store. Upwards of 340 of #140 fans showed up, making L.A. the biggest #140Conf Meetup ever. L.A. Rocks! Just sayin.

Fanscaper's @germer and @lardog2000

It was great seeing so many people involved in Social Media and finally getting to meet @jeffpulver was a highlight of the (my) night. Hearing people speak to the power of Social Media and how purposeful it can be takes it well beyond the proverbial fun and games of checking in here and building a farm there and I was impressed.

The ladies room is always worth a visit during any gathering, as it is a haven for some of the best one liners of any evening. Case in point, in between speakers I made my traditional pit stop and apparently @SimonMainwaring made quite an impression, as a number of the ladies were commenting on how hot and handsome he was. (Note to future #140conf organizers, the ladies like the good looking guys on stage.)

The evening even turned into an impromptu fundraiser for a patient of @Krupali where every attendee donated at least $1 to help make her patient’s dream of making it to the home of her beloved Pittsburgh Steelers come true.  Granted, this didn’t take place via a tweet or Facebook campaign, but if it wasn’t for the love of Social Media none of us would’ve been there to lend a hand, miles or a few bucks. 

I wasn’t able to take part in the purple Viper Room flash mob, but before I left, it looked like it was going to be a crazy walk down the Sunset Strip. Who’s got pictures of that…come on now share!

Thanks @ericgreenspan, @jeffpulver and everyone else in attendance for making my first #140conf L.A. Meetup so memorable. I can’t wait for the next one.

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