Social Media hiatus…just until my show is over May 24, 2010

Written by: Digitally Approved
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I will honestly admit that I have never watched “Lost” not one single episode. Sort of a badge of honor really. However, I can completely appreciate the show’s dedicated following. I definitely follow my own shows, including tuning in and suspending my disbelief  for tonight’s series finale of “24“.

What I won’t be doing is following anything social media, anything online or even checking my Blackberry for that matter – from early evening, until I have watched Jack & Chloe’s final scene. This holds true for the Olympics, awards shows and any other TV program that I am obsessed with that doesn’t air live or that I TiVo to watch after I get home.

Sorry social media and my Backberry, I love you, I really really do, but I learned way early on that people love to talk, text, chat and tweet the millisecond something happens – be it on TV or in real life. And I have been mad at myself for checking too many times to know that I should know better.

So with all of the chatter out there, I will be on a personal social media and Blackberry hiatus while we say goodbye to the TV version of Jack Bower.

Damn it Chloe!