E3 2010 – Loved It June 21, 2010

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Fanscape loves games and absolutely loves E3. The annual gaming expo is the promise land for gamers and technofiles looking to check out upcoming releases, the newest platforms and to just plain geek-out.  I checked in with all the Fanscapers that attended E3 to see what they enjoyed the most from this year’s gaming extravaganza.

Liza "checking in" to her first E3

Cool was a big word coming out of the mouths of Fanscapers at this year’s E3 and topping that list was Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360. The sports games looked extra cool and it’s pretty amazing everything that can be done without a controller. We are very excited for this to hit retail! Sony’s Move also got a lot of Fanscape attention with special note to the some of the games that are specific to Move coming out in September, especially Sorcery.

Liza testing out Sony's Move

3D Gaming – Nintendo 3DS with no glasses needed is going to be a pretty hot item and KillZone 3 in 3D is amazing.

Just Dance was fun to watch. Didn’t actually demo this, as we didn’t want our mad dancing skills on public display just yet. We still can’t wait for this one, as it looks like loads of fun.

LittleBigPlanet2 made some nice character upgrades and now has the ability to have four players on one screen. Very cool!

Terry Dry giving Tron a big thumbs up

Plenty of nostalgia was at this year’s E3 as well: Epic Micky, Tron, Pac Man and Golden Eye 007 to name a few. Fanscape President, Terry Dry commented that the Tron game has visuals 100 times that of the original film and the arcade game. He was also impressed with “Battle Royal” as part of the 30th anniversary of Pac Man – loving that now four players can play at once with the goal of destroying the other three players. No more chasing ghosts, you chase your fellow players. The first look at Golden Eye 007 was exciting for all at the Nintendo presentation with Fanscaper Eric overheard saying, “My Childhood,” when he saw it.

A few of the Fanscapers also visited the Target Lounge to take a little break from the action and because it was a WiFi Hotspot. Thanks Target!

Eric with Destructoid

Eric was excited to have played NBA Jam 2010 with Fanscape CEO, Larry and President Terry Dry. Sorry, no pictures of this epic event, as Eric was playing and not able to capture the moment. You’ll just have to take our word for it that it happened.

Until next time.

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