Top Job Tips and Success Stories September 2, 2010

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If you’re a student, your summer is just about over. It’s time to head back to school and get back into your normal school-time routine. For some, this includes an internship. A few of Fanscape‘s new interns talk about the importance of internships and tips for those of you who are looking for one.

If you’ve already graduated and are looking to start your career or are even looking to make a career change, you probably already know there are a number of online job postings sites you can visit. However, if you’re looking for top-notch positions and tips from real people who have been where you are, you need to visit and check out the site’s new community, Success Stories. Get tips from real job seekers, hear about their success in landing a great job using and share your own stories. Want to know what to wear to an interview? Want to hear how military veterans use to find a career post-military service? Want to hear how employers are using to find the right candidates? Success Stories has it all.

As our interns said, it’s all about finding the position that’s right for you.

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