Fanscape Loves: GetGlue September 30, 2010

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Those who are social media savvy are no strangers to the  geo-location applications such as Foursquare, Loopt, and Gowalla. These check-in applications are turning into the new digital loyalty card. If you’re able to check-in to any place you go, what about anything you watch? A new social application, GetGlue, aims at bringing the idea of checking-in to the entertainment world, giving users a way to comment, share, rate, and discover new music, TV shows, movies, and even books. And we’re loving it.

GetGlue is in many ways very similar to the other check-in applications we’re already so familiar with. You begin by either linking your Facebook account online at the GetGlue website, or downloading the application to you phone (iPhone, Android, and iPad compatible). Once logged on, you are asked to begin rating your favorite movies, books, and music to help build your GetGlue profile. Users then can begin checking-in when they listen to music, watch TV, or go to the movies, all updating their profile in real time. Their check-ins and ratings help the GetGlue site tailor suggestions based on the users individual tastes in an attempt to help you find “your next favorite thing”.  Badges are rewarded much like other check-in applications, and points are occurred based on frequency of use.

But what does this kind of service mean for the entertainment industry? Why would networks like MSNBC and HBO — for example — sign up and partner with a service like this? The answer is simple; the same reason that restaurants and retail stores are partnering up with Foursquare, Loopt, and Gowalla – to help build consumer loyalty.

GetGlue seems to have two main objectives. On the user’s side, it helps connect people with similar interests, build up profiles based around individual tastes, and suggest new music, shows, movies, and books to its users based on viewing and listening history. On the industry side, it helps to create show loyalty, as well as encourage live tune-in.

In addition, entertainment companies such as Fox are able to tap into the GetGlue database and effectively market new shows to users based on their viewing history, check-ins, and Likes. People who repetitively check-in to different shows are much different than people who “Like” a show on a social network, providing television networks with the ability to see who the die hard fans are, and who just watches a show once in a while. Recommendations are then handed out according to the users views and the entertainment companies get to target a niche market directly.

GetGlue has been gaining popularity since its original conception earlier this year, and has been rightfully dubbed the “Foursquare of Entertainment”. With more television networks and entertainment companies jumping on board, it’s no doubt that the entertainment check-in is one of the more innovative social media concepts within the last few months.

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