Social Media and the World Series October 27, 2010

Written by: Digitally Approved
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With tonight’s kick off of the 106th edition of the World Series, Fanscape wanted to take a quick look at how MLB fans and fans of other big events are getting in on the game, via social media. Jon Swartz of USA Today wrote a great piece about this today – talking about how Facebook and Twitter are changing the way fans watch the World Series.

The MLB is doing their part, having launched a mobile application – iPhone, Android and Blackberry – that already has been accessed close to 2 million times a day.  On Facebook, 12 million people are either a fan of the MLB itself or one of the 30 team pages. And, another 3 million fans follow MLB-related posts on twitter, which features up to the minute baseball news and information. In fact, Twitter is so popular between athletes of all sports that website has been created to help fans keep track of it all. These numbers are close to triple of what it was just a year ago.

It should come as no surprise that big sporting and entertainment events are becoming more popular and the conversation surrounding them has extended exponentially due to social media. The Super Bowl for example generated more than 60,000 tweets per hour during the February 7th broadcast and the Oscars, nearly doubled that amount of tweets, with over 100,000 per hour during this year’s awards ceremony. Both events were huge trending topics and both saw huge spikes in ratings over the previous year’s telecast, due in part to social media.

With advancements in social technology and online/mobile social networking, businesses aren’t the only ones seeing the advantages. Sports teams, leagues and professional athletes in particular are seeing the benefits of engaging with fans on this level and are investing more and more resources into it to help ensure a positive image that resonates with their fans.

Whoever you’re rooting for in this series, you will surely find thousands of like-minded fans, just a mouse click or tap of the mobile device away.