Fanscape Holiday Wishes November 15, 2010

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It’s that time of year again and Fanscapers are never short on their holiday wishes. Whether it’s the latest gadget to keep us über-connected, a kitchen appliance, a video game or straight up cash, we’ve got our lists. When asked what one thing we want for the holidays, here is what Fanscape staffers said:

CEO, Larry Weintraub

I have been dropping hints for an Ice Cream Maker.

President, Terry Dry

I am really hoping for new Formula 1 Racing Game for the Wii.

CTO, Kevin Glickmann

I don’t want anything. I have everything I need.

COO, Greg Boles

I couldn’t limit it to one. I want a Netbook and a good pair of earbuds for my iPod.

VP, Account Management, Melissa Taylor

I wish that someone would pay off my mortgage.

Social Media Strategist, Christy Wise

I am wishing for a fancy-schmancy iPad.

Sr. Account Executive, Liza Patriana

I want iPad and/or a Kindle because I have neither. I would love if a Prius would fall into my lap and a duplex in Los Filez. Can you tall I want it all?

Sr. Manager, Social Media Marketing, Ben Arnold

I want a bike!

Manager, Corporate Communications, Natalie Svider

I wish for a 2010 AFC West title for my Oakland Raiders and an iPad. Not that much to ask for really.

Manager, Social Media Marketing, Allie Wester

I am wising for the IKEA PS Maskros Pendant Lamp!

Manager, Social Media Strategy, Andrew Germer

Wishes that someone gets him Rock Band 3

Account Executive, Sherry Globman

I’m wishing for a new iPod. And an all-expenses paid vacation to Hawaii

Office Manager, Heather Overton

Only one wish? Ok, the Kindle, but what I REALLY want is the iPad

Community Manager, Charles Ryan

I want, I want I want. A Louis Vuitton iPad Case, and an otter costume for next year’s Halloween (yo, they’re pricey)

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