And The Winner Goes To… January 17, 2011

Written by: Digitally Approved
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We’re all movie buffs at Fanscape.  While most of us haven’t seen all the films nominated for the big awards, we do have our opinions.  Here is everyone at Fanscape’s favorite movie of last year (even though some of them are still out now):

Name Pick
Heather The Town
Eric Social Network
Larry Exit Through the Gift Shop
Bianca Despicable Me
Irene Inception
James True Grit
Michael Kids Are Alright
Christina Toy Story 3
Allie Social Network
Brad Social Network
Ben 127 Hours
Teala Social Network
Sherry Social Network
Melissa Inception
Christy Inception
Angela Social Network
Kate True Grit
Lisa True Grit
Bithika Inception
Andrew Toy Story 3
Terry King’s Speech
Charles Inception
Angie Inception
Liza Inception
Kristin True Grit
Inception 7
Social Network 6
True Grit 4
Toy Story 3 2