Keep an Eye on RFID August 4, 2011

Written by: Digitally Approved
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We are paying close attention to the adoption of RFID. RFID is radio frequency identification, which is basically a chip embedded into products that can be tracked or that can activate an engagement. RFID is not new; a 2004 Wired article detailed the positives and negatives of RFID, but we’re just now starting to see RFID enter the mainstream. If you click on the links below, you’ll see some examples of businesses using RFID to enable people to “Like” or “Check-In” and share their experiences instantly on Facebook. We’ve only scratched the surface, some predict that someday we’ll have RFID chips implanted in our bodies (Sorry to go all Sci-Fi on you, but at least we would never lose our kids at the mall!).

Great Wolf Water Park

Ushuaia Hotel in Ibiza


Renault at the Auto Show