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Hi.  We just published our monthly newsletter today. The content is below and you can also see the cleaner web version HERE.

MW3: The Largest Entertainment Release in History

Each year, just as the Oscar-worthy movies begin to populate the theatres, an even bigger entertainment phenomenon surfaces, the latest installment of the video game juggernaut, Call of Duty. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 hit stores this week and our friends at GameStop saw lines around the block all across North America. Check out the GameStop photo gallery HERE and the promo video HERE .

Google+ Opens Up to Brands

We’ve been asked for months about what Google+ will mean to brands. Our answer has been consistently that we’ll have to wait and see what the experience looks like for brands once it goes live. This week it happened. Visually and conceptually we’re impressed. We’re building out profiles now, but there is still a question of whether consumers will migrate away from their Facebook pages or add it to their very select group of online habits. We’ll update you as we know more. In the meantime, check out the Google+ profile for our friends at HERE.

To Own or To Rent, That is the Question

While they may have taken a beating lately, Netflix is proving that there is an audience for digital “renters” of movies. Meanwhile music has had a rental business in place for a decade via early subscription services such as Rhapsody and recent darling, Spotify. So with the explosion of tablets and eReaders in the past year, it was only a matter of time before books joined the fray. Last week Amazon took steps towards this by announcing the first virtual check-out library. They are rattling some feathers, but that’s what disrupters do, and Amazon is one of our favorite disrupters. Read more HERE.

Interesting Stats We Came Across

In light of Groupon’s recent IPO we found some stats about their business thanks to Statspotting:

  • Cost of acquiring each subscriber: $5.
  • Avg. Number of Groupons sold per subscriber: .32.
  • Avg. Revenue per subscriber: $3.45.
  • Non-marketing costs per subscriber in a quarter: $2.21.
  • Profit per subscriber per quarter: $1.24.
  • # of quarters to earn back acquisition
    cost of subscriber: 4.

Stories We Like

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Marketing That Inspires Us

Nature Valley is doing a great job of mapping the world’s hiking trails for us. Imagine hikers with Google-like cameras strapped to their heads. Now eat a granola bar and check this out HERE.