Fanscape’s March Newsletter March 8, 2012

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MARCH 2012

March is a good month. March means Spring, longer days, my birthday ☺, warmer weather, new Facebook products, March Madness, SXSW, and much much more. In our March Newsletter, we explore some of the things we’re most excited about this month! Thanks for reading.

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Larry Weintraub, CEO, Fanscape

New Facebook Brand Pages

Last week Facebook formerly rolled out the new Brand Pages, which, as expected, look just like your personal “Timeline” profile page. And we like it. Great big welcoming graphic, new tab location, “Pinned” post keeps your favorite post up longer, new community management dashboard and better analytics display. Plus much more. Lots to learn, you can start by checking out our graphical diagram of improvements HERE, and if you want to dive in deeper, read this article

Facebook fMC

We were in attendance last week at the first ever Facebook Marketing Conference (fMC) at the Museum of Natural History in New York City. Facebook rolled out all of their new Brand Pages and the corresponding new Advertising platforms. It was a long day full of presentations from top FB brass as well as leading social brands such as American Express, Walmart, and Ford. You can read our detailed report from the event on our Digitally Approved Blog.

We ♥ LinkedIn

It’s true, we really do love LinkedIn. As a business networking tool, it is the best platform out there to keep you close to your business contacts. But LinkedIn is also making big strides to keep your business top of mind as well. LinkedIn recently launched a “Follow” button which you may already have seen on blogs and websites and they have added some nice features to their company profile pages that allow you to showcase your offerings even better. Read more about LinkedIn’s recent improvements HERE.

Interesting Stats we Spotted (

    • 2/3 of Google Plus users are men
    • Tumblr has 15 Billion page views a month; 500 million a day
    • 97% of Pinterest users are women
    • Apple App store hit 25 Billion downloads this week
    • Consumers spent $2.3 Billion on virtual goods in 2011
    • Whitney Houston’s death was announced on Twitter 27 minutes before mainstream media
    • Facebook is reaching a saturation point while Twitter still has room to grow (eMarketer):


Stories We Like


The New Guy

We’re very excited to have Tom Edwards as our new VP of Digital Strategy. Thanks to Tom for a lot of the great content that is fueling this newsletter and our blog. Read Tom’s BlackFin360 blog HERE.


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