New Facebook Post Targeting Not Matching Facebook Insights August 24, 2012

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Earlier today one of the pages we manage for a client received the new post targeting features.

New Facebook Targeted Posts

With these new targeting features you will be able to target your posts to specific groups of fans based on gender, relationship status, and everything else you see listed in the screen shot below. Also, note the number in the red.

Facebook Targeted Posts - No Targeting Applied

These new targeting features are pretty neat and can be incredibly useful when running very targeted campaigns. However, it seems to be a wee bit broken right now. If you add targeting and then remove it, the “Targeted to:” resets to what appears to be a random number, but oddly enough is does relate to something.

Facebook Targeted Posts - Targeting Added Then Removed Number


4,460 is the number of Men + Women the targeting thinks we have on the page… but our insights say otherwise.

The location targeting also seems to be a wee bit off based on the page’s insights data.

Facebook Targeted Posts - Targeting Not Matching Facebook Insights Location

This is a rather surprising dissimilarity in the numbers, but it gets even weirder. If I switch over to using Facebook as the page I’m admin of I get yet another set of numbers for some of the targeting options.


Facebook Targeted Posts Wrong Numbers Acting As The Page

Facebook rolling out products before they’re completely ready isn’t new, but this does raise a few questions. If Facebook’s post targeting is this far off, then how far off is their ad targeting? Or is it insights that’s really off and we’ve all just been getting bad data this whole time?  I figured Facebook would just modify their ad targeting engine for posts instead of reinventing the wheel, but if they did write a whole new targeting engine then who was in charge of QA on this project and how did this slip by them?

If you’re a page admin and you have the new targeting rolled out to your page take a look at the targeting vs your insights and then let me know if you’re seeing the same  issue or not in the comments below.

Thanks for reading,

Josh S Peters


UPDATE: 8-27-11 @ 11:33am

As of this morning Facebook has removed the updated targeting from our client’s page and the traditional targeting has been put back in it’s place.

Facebook Targeting Removed