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Stats of the Week

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Every week we compile lots of interesting stats here at Fanscape. Here are some of our favorites from this past week:

Travel & Leisure: Hotels

Per a report, the hottest topic about Hotels is Customer Service; outranking location, comfort, and room rates.


Social Channels / Properties – Facebook

  • Among the 73% of Facebook users that have “unliked” a brand, the top reason cited was: brands posting too frequently. More.
  • 22% of Facebook users have been too embarrassed to “like” a certain brand. The top three products people are embarrassed about: Adult novelty items, diet/weight loss products/health & wellness. More.

Social: Mobile Social Network Usage
Mobile Social Network Users by Income  – Full Report.  Interestingly, While higher-income Americans might be spending less time online than their lower-income counterparts, it appears their internet consumption is trending up.

Fun Stats

  • Pirates wore earrings because they believed it improved their eyesight.
  • Los Angeles’s full name is “El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles de Porciuncula.”
  • In England, in the 1880’s, “Pants” was considered a dirty word.


Headlines & Stuff

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Here are some cool things we read about this past week:

In the News

Facebook Charges Business To Run Offers
The test period for Facebook’s Offers product is drawing to a close: Facebook announced this week that all Pages with more than 400 fans can now seed discounts and promotions through the network – except those that operate in Japan, which will be eligible next week. Merchants are now required to pay at least $5 to run Offers. They will remain free for users to claim.

Twitter Profile Changes
Twitter rolled out a series of design updates aimed to add more personality to member pages. Photos have been brought to the forefront and room has been made for Facebook Timeline cover images.  Break down of the new changes: Member profile photos have been moved from the top left to a spot in the center of the page. Users can upload a long horizontal header image that resembles a Facebook cover photo. Existing profile pictures are embedded into the center of the header. Your avatar is no longer tucked into the corner but will be displayed front and center. The photo stream has been moved up and will be accessible on the apps.

Google+ Has 400 Million Members
Google+ has more than 400 million members according to Vic Gundotra, Google’s Senior Vice President of Engineering. Gundotra added that Google+ has almost 100 million monthly active users – if you count the mobile app. Though Facebook is approximately 10 times the size of Google+ in terms of active users, keep in mind that it took Facebook several years to reach 100 million active users. It has taken Google+ 12 months.

YouTube Testing Feature to Quiz You While You Are Watching A Video
YouTube videos may soon be getting a bit more interactive. There’s now a page on the YouTube website describing a feature called “Video Questions Editor Beta,” which is described as a way for “multiple questions to be displayed on top of your video during playback that a viewer can answer.”  The beta page does caution that this is just something YouTube is testing: “There is no long term support for the feature and may be removed at any time without notification.”

Global Social Media

LinkedIn Hits 10 Million Registered Members in the UK
LinkedIn has passed a significant milestone in the UK after the professional social network announced that it has now surpassed 10 million registered users in the country. The UK had 3 million LinkedIn members in 2009 and, having hit the landmark figure, it is now the third largest market, behind the U.S and India. London is the most popular location from LinkedIn users, followed by Birmingham, Reading and Edinburgh. The National Health Service is the top represented company – ahead of RBS, BT, HSBC and IBM, while ‘IT and Service’ is the most represented industry. LinkedIn has 175 million members across more than 200 countries. 62% of LinkedIn members are located outside of the U.S. Earlier this year its user base in India hit 15 million.

Chinese Social Network Copies Facebook Timeline
Renren has been a constant shadow of Facebook, which is blocked in China. Now the site has launched something similar to timeline. Renren is even copying the fancy scrolling introduction that accompanied the site’s move to timeline in other parts of the world. Renren has sampled Facebook’s news feed, mobile and profile looks. The website introducing the changes shows things such as the cover photo, profile photo and life events – all Facebook creations.

Noteworthy Campaigns

Local Social Networking in Play for Sears Hometown Stores
Every one of the 1,238 Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores franchisees has a Facebook page that was set up by corporate, but must be administered by the local storeowner. That strategy has let these operators customize their pages with local discounts and events as well as provide a portal for corporate to run national promotions across all of the franchisee pages. Once the page is up and running, owners are encouraged to start building their fan base with “low hanging fruit”; friends and family who will happily share the weekly Friday coupon and other specials to begin viral spread. In store flyers, circulars and emails also alert people to new Facebook pages. The first national promotion that the franchisees are offering on Facebook is the “Sears for Life Video Contest” where customers can upload a 25-second video telling a story about their relationship with Sears. The winners receive a $2,500 Sears gift card and a chance to be featured in a TV commercial.  The contest is promoted in multiple ways – storeowners are educated about how to update their timelines and set up a tab for the contest, in-store flyers and handouts are provided, as are press release templates to distribute to local press. The Facebook pages are also selling tools – an e-commerce app likes to, which allows the storeowner to greatly expand product offerings beyond his or her store. As an incentive to move business through the app, any order placed through the app triggers a commission code to give owners credit.

Instagram Your Virgin America Experience For 30% Off Flights
Virgin is launching a new promotion highlighting the airline’s passenger “Experience” and will begin to use actual photos snapped onboard any flight. Passengers are being encouraged to take photos onboard Virgin America flights and upload to Instagram – tagging them with #MyVXExperience and sharing to Twitter. Instagram photos will be live-streamed to the NASDAQ board in Times Square. The first 1,000 who participated received a 30% discount code for a Virgin flight.

Obama Camp Launches Social-Media Effort to Motivate Youth Vote
This week, the Obama campaign unveiled “For All,” a campaign initiative designed to engage younger Americans between the ages of 18 and 29. The initiative aims to illustrate the shared values of the President and young Americans across the country. The effort launches on Instagram. Young voters are asked to write a message on their hands, put their hand over their hearts and take a photo, which they will then tweet with the hashtag #forall. There is also a dedicated website for this demographic.

Stats of the Week

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Every week we compile lots of interesting stats here at Fanscape. Here are some of our favorites from this past week:

CPG: Food and Beverage
Taking photos of food has become a regular occurrence, as consumers frequently post, pin, and share meals online.  Brands are seeing a lift by engaging with consumer and their passion for food.

  • 65% of females who regularly used recipe sites bought branded ingredients called for in the recipes at least sometimes.
  • Twenty-one percent said they “usually” did this.  (Lots more stats here)

So who is influencing those purchase decisions?  When it comes to food, user-generated content creators are primarily sharing two things, each with a different purpose: photos, which provide inspiration, and recipes, which provide utility.

Source: MSL Group


A dirty little secret is that many of its users are under 13:

  • An estimated 5.6 million Facebook users – about 3.5 percent of its U.S. user-base – are children who the company says are banned from the site.

Read more in this Reuters article.

Social Recruiting
Social media has become a chief source of employees for companies and recruitment agencies worldwide.  Websites like LinkedIn and Facebook have made it easier for employers to rate the character of potential employees in an easier, faster and cheaper way before hiring.

  • 92% of U.S. companies have used social media in 2012 to find talent and potential employees to hire.

Source: Jobvite 2012 social recruitment survey

Fun Stats

  • The total number of steps in the Eiffel Tower: 1665
  • The Pokemon Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan are based off of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.
  • The toothpaste ‘Colgate’ in Spanish translates to ‘go hang yourself’.



Written by: Digitally Approved
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Just a quick note to pat ourselves on the back a bit for some recent awards. Our partners at The Marketing Arm took home 13 Awards at the recent Promo Magazine’s Pro Awards. You can see the full list HERE. Meanwhile, we are especially proud of our contributions. We helped with the following:


GOLD: Call of Duty Pre-Order Campaign
Client: GameStop
Agency: The Marketing Arm/Fanscape

BRONZE: Gears of War 3 Pre-Order Campaign
Client: GameStop
Agency: The Marketing Arm/Fanscape


SILVER: Crash the Super Bowl
Client: Doritos
Agency: The Marketing Arm


SILVER: Call of Duty Pre-Order Campaign
Client: GameStop
Agency: The Marketing Arm/Fanscape

BRONZE: Gears of War 3 Pre-Order Campaign
Client: GameStop
Agency: The Marketing Arm/Fanscape

Headlines & Stuff

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Here are some cool things we read about this past week:

Facebook RTB Open For Business
Three months after it announced a beta round, Facebook has announced the general release of its Facebook Exchange (FBX) real time bidding option (RTB). FBX enabled advertisers and agencies to use cookie based targeting through Demand-Side platforms to reach their audiences on Facebook, with what Facebook promises are “more timely and relevant messages.” FBX dramatically increases the amount of brand-safe inventory available through RTB during 9-5 working hours,  and acquisition costs are substantially lower through FBX than through other programmatic channels. Facebook says that FBX enables marketers to user their own real-time consumer insight data to reach an audience on Facebook.

YouTube Unveils Official iOS App
YouTube this week unveiled its official app for iPhone and iPod Touch from the Apple Store. It will feature pre-roll and other ad formats that the native iOS app did not. And it taps far deeper into the YouTube bank of videos.  The app also includes a channel guide and subscription feature, along with new search tools and suggestions while you type. Users can also share videos to Facebook and Twitter and through email and text message.

Instagram Has 100 Million Users
Photo-sharing app Instagram, fresh from finalizing its acquisition by Facebook, has crossed the 100 million users mark, according to Mark Zuckerberg.  Last we heard from Instagram in July, the service had 80 million users, which suggests that the app is seeing an upward of 10 million downloads per month.

Facebook Has No Plans to Launch in China
Jayne Leung, Facebook’s North Asia director, revealed during the Social Media Matters event in Hong Kong last week that the social network still has no plan to launch in China. There have been rumors floating around that Facebook would enter China ever since 2007 when the company first registered the domain name .cn. Earlier this year, Zuckerberg visited China on vacation, fueling these speculations further. For Facebook, China represents an opportunity to vastly expand its user base. The country currently has more than half a billion internet users, while Facebook is just closing in on the one billion user mark. However, any plans to launch in the country have been complicated by the fact that the Chinese government has blocked access to Facebook since 2008.

India to Unveil New Rules to Regulate the Web
The Prime Minister’s Office is pushing for a multi-pronged strategy to “prevent and contain malicious use of internet and social media,” indicating the government’s seriousness about regulating cyberspace. At a meeting at the end of August, attended by heads of all intelligence agencies, as well as representatives from the ministries of home, telecom and IT, the government decided to set up an ‘appropriate regime’ that will address issues related to blocking content on the internet and social media in a ‘smart and timely manner.’ The regime will work out an effective monitoring system, lay out guidelines and operating procedures on the nature of online content that will be blocked, and specify penalties for perpetrators.

Volvo Test Drives Pinterest
Volvo is inviting Pinterest users to plan and share their ideal “joyride” by re-pinning their favorite images of the Volvo S60 T5 along with comments on where they’d like to go on a road trip, where they’d like to stop along the way, what they’d wear during their trip, and what music would enliven their travels.  Volvo kicked of the contest with 155 Pinterest followers and accumulated over 500 in less than a week.  Volvo will also be providing vehicles and funding road trips for the top three pinners with the most followers. In addition, Volvo  plans to expand their design-focused Pinterest strategy to Instagram in the coming weeks.

Grey Goose Employs Instagram and Pinterest for Launch
Bacardi’s Grey Goose has launched a digital program focused on Instagram and Pinterest, as part of its national advertising campaign for the launch of its Cherry Noir vodka. This marks the first time that a nationally recognized spirits brand has used Instagram photographers, or the Pinterest platform, to support a campaign story.  The campaign is centered around a fictitious “Hotel Noir,” where “fashion, music and mysterious characters intersect.” Grey Goose will be releasing a new Hotel Noir-themed story “chapter” each week, inspired by themes and events in a two minute Hotel Noir video. Instagram photographers were commissioned to take sets of photos inspired by chapter themes, to be released throughout the campaign. Each photographer’s photo story will be featured on and Instagram and site users are being encouraged to create their own #hotelnoir stories on Instagram and Twitter. In addition, each weekly chapter is accompanied by a Pinterest board, intended to expand on the narrative with images and content and encourage Pinterest users to engage with the brand and add content from around the web.

Stats of the Week

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Every week we compile lots of interesting stats here at Fanscape. Here are some of our favorites from this past week:

Online Retail
Retailers’ social media status updates also drive fans to make unplanned purchases, or to spend more than they had planned, as data from “A Tectonic Shift in Shopping Behavior” reveals.

  • 22% of those who follow retailers through social media report having been influenced to make an unplanned purchase
  • 15% report having spent more than they planned.

Shopping apps were nearly as effective, driving

  • 21% of users to unplanned purchases
  • 15% to spend more than they had planned

Source: Ryan Partnership

The Pinterest user base is remarkably similar to the overall US internet population in terms of its age demographics, according to a September 2012 study from Compete. 66% of Pinterest users are aged 35 and older, compared to 64% of the US internet audience, and a plurality of both Pinterest (22%) and domestic internet users (21%) are aged 35-44.

Pinterest Age Estimates

  • Average Age – 40.1
  • Roughly 2 in 3 pinterest users are 35+
  • Average Dwell under 2 min

Source: Social Network Demographics

Pinterest vs. Tumblr

  • Pinterest is about to surpass (Roughly 1.16 MM monthly uniques)

Source: Compete

Social Traffic Infographic
Shoppers who arrive at online retail sites by way of Pinterest spend $168.83 on average, compared to $94.70 for Facebook and $70.84 for Twitter, according to a study released in September 2012 by RichRelevance.  These findings appear to contrast with data released in July 2012 by Jirafe, reported by Forbes. According to that study, which examined the behavior of 89 million online shoppers who visited Jirafe’s clients’ 5,000 online stores in the past year

Fun Stats:

  • Bin Laden’s death was announced on 1st May 2011. Hitler’s death was announced on 1st May 1945.
  • J.K. Rowling chose the unusual name ‘Hermione’ so young girls wouldn’t be teased for being nerdy!
  • Hewlett-Packard’s name was decided in a coin toss.


Headlines & Stuff

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Here are some cool things we read about this past week

Google+ Launches Tools For Businesses
After a private beta test period, Google this week released a suite of business tools for Google+ users. The tools are available for free through the end of 2013, at which point users will need a paid subscription to Google Apps, for continued access. The new features include: Private Sharing: when you create a post you can now label it as “restricted,” limiting the visibility to those inside your organization; Administrative Controls: admins can set up company-wide sharing defaults for posts or Hangouts; Hangout & Calendar Integration: users can now attach Hangouts to Google Calendar events, enabling attendees to join a hangout directly from the Calendar or invite.

Economists Prove Link Between Online Reviews & Restaurant Bookings
UC Berkeley, Professors Michael Anderson and Jeremy Magruder, published in this month’s edition of the Economic Journal, the first attempt to gauge the relationship between online star ratings and customer purchasing decisions. The pair focused on the effects of positive online ratings on 300 San Francisco restaurants that were then collated to form a star system on They found that a restaurant with a rating improved by just a half a star – on a scale of 1 to 5, was much more likely to be full at peak dining times. Indeed, an extra half-star rating caused a restaurants 7pm bookings to sell out from 30% to 49% of the evenings it was open for business. Significantly, the two economists found that the increase in trade happened without any change in prices or quality of food/service, confirming it was the reviews that brought in the new customers.

Reddit Reached 3.4 Billion Pageviews in August
The popular social news site announced this week that it had over 3.4 billion pageviews for the month of August. That’s roughly an 8.8% increase over the previous month, where the site topped 3.1 billion. Reddit also saw in increase in unique visitors. In July, the company reported 39.5 million uniques. For August that number climbed to 42.9 million – an 8.6% gain from the previous month. The surge in traffic is likely attributed to President Obama’s Ask Me Anything session on August 29, which single-handedly brought in 1.6 million uniques that Wednesday and 1.2 million the following Thursday.

YouTube Brings Movie Rentals to Connected TVs
This week, YouTube revealed that it would add paid movie rentals to its app across hardware partner TP Vision’s line of Philips-branded TV assets. According to reports, the companies will begin offering movie rentals in “select European countries” later this year, and “Philips Smart TV will be among the first TV platforms” to offer access to these rentals, indicating YouTube rentals will be coming to more Connected TVs soon. It is still unclear whether YouTube plans to enter the VOD market to compete directly with existing providers like VUDU or Amazon Instant Video.

Twitter Announces Tool to Embed Interactive Timeline of Tweets to Any Site
Twitter has announced a new tool that will allow users to embed not just single tweets, but an entire timeline of tweets on web pages. The tool will allow the embed of a single stream, not a collection of tweets, though it can be customized in a variety of ways. When you browse websites that have embedded a Twitter timeline, you can now interact with it in the same way you do on Expand tweets to see photos, media, etc. Start a conversation from the Tweet box, follower users that you discover, and reply to, retweet, or favorite Tweets directly from the page. It is currently being used by ESPN, London Fashion Week and writer Margaret Atwood, as well as Twitter itself on its official blog. The embed code is a single line of HTML. You create the timeline from the Twitter widgets page (create new) , which allows you to choose the source for your timeline, favorited tweets, a list, or search/hashtag. You can customize the height of a widget, as well as its theme and whether it expands photographs.

Social Media Breaks Barriers in South Africa
Social networking in South Africa has crossed the age barrier and the urban/rural divide according to new research by World Wide Worx. According to the South African Social Media Landscape 2012 study, the fastest growing age group among Facebook users in South Africa is the over-60 set. From August 2011 to August 2012, the number of over 60’s on Facebook grew by 44% compared to less than 30% from those aged 30-60, less than 20% for 19-30 and less than 10% for teenagers. At the end of August, 5.33 million South Africans were using Facebook via the web, while 6.8 million access Facebook via mobile device. Twitter use has also grown in the region. There are currently 2.43 million Twitter users in South Africa, with 100,000 being added monthly. Additionally, both Facebook and Twitter have crossed the urban/rural divide. The proportion of urban adults using Facebook is less than double rural users – but rural users are now at the level that urban users were 18 months ago. Twitter’s urban penetration is a little more than double its rural penetration, but the rural population has also caught up to where the urban population was 18 months ago.

Instagram’s Had a Good Run in China, But Will the Facebook Buyout Change Things?
Despite Instagram’s lack of an office in China, the company has seen steady adoption in the world’s most populous nation. However, with the Facebook’s acquisition on the horizon, Instagram could be in danger of being blocked in the country. Because Facebook has been inaccessible in China for several years, mainland Instagram users have voiced their concerns that the service will be disrupted after Facebook takes over the reins. Instagram’s early success in China was independent of marketing efforts in the country. Last fall, Instagram downloads reached 100,000 per week in China. The app has become one of the most powerful social media tools in the country. It is one of the few applications that supports posting to both domestic Sina Weibo and overseas services like Twitter and Facebook. Circumvention of the so-called Great Firewall is required to authorize a Twitter or Facebook account, but, once linked, Instagram can post to those services without the need of a VPN. Though Facebook has refused to comment on plans for Instagram in China, the social networks’ shaky relationship with the country may soon signal the end of the popular platform.

Coca Cola is the First Brand to Pass 50 Million Facebook Fans
Celebrities like Lady Gaga and Rihanna have more than 50 million Facebook fans, as do services like YouTube and Facebook, but Coca-Cola is the first retail brand to hit this milestone. Disney, Converse and Starbucks, three of the other most popular retail brands, each have fewer than 40 million fans currently. To celebrate this major threshold, Coca-Cola launched a new Facebook application which encourages fans to submit ideas for inventions and causes that this online community of 50 million can turn its energy towards to improve the world. Coca-Cola will ultimately provide support for one of these ideas and unveil the finished result sometime this year.

Lincoln Trailer To Debut in Google+ Hangout With Steven Spielberg
The first trailer for Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln will debut in a Google+ Hangout on Thursday, September 13. This is the first time that a film trailer has launched in a Google+ Hangout. In addition to the trailer, Steven Spielberg and Joseph Gordon-Levitt will partake in a live chat about the film. The hangout will broadcast live online and via the ABC SuperSign in Times Square. Fans can RSVP to the hangout via – but those that want to participate will need to submit a YouTube video with the hashtag #LincolnHangout explaining their interest in the film – as well as what questions they would like to ask Spielberg and Gordon-Levitt.

Stats of the Week

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Every week we compile lots of interesting stats here at Fanscape. Here are some of our favorites from this week:

Twitter beats Facebook in ad revenue

Both companies earn far less mobile revenue than companies with more established mobile ad platforms like Google and Pandora, though growth in mobile revenues at both social networks is expected to remain high throughout the forecast period.  Read MORE.

Ever wonder what Links Twitter users are sharing?

One area that has seen major growth over the past year has been social photo-sharing, especially with the rise in popularity of mobile photo application Instagram. Diffbot found that:

  • 15% of photos shared worldwide on Twitter came from Instagram
    • Second only to direct Twitter image-sharing, at 40%.
  • YouTube was the most popular video-sharing site, with 60% of all video links on Twitter going to YouTube.


Fun Stats

  • A crocodile can’t poke its tongue out
  • Sea otters hold hands when they sleep so they don’t drift away from each other.
  • A small child could swim through the veins of a blue whale.