Headlines & Stuff September 17, 2012

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Here are some cool things we read about this past week:

Facebook RTB Open For Business
Three months after it announced a beta round, Facebook has announced the general release of its Facebook Exchange (FBX) real time bidding option (RTB). FBX enabled advertisers and agencies to use cookie based targeting through Demand-Side platforms to reach their audiences on Facebook, with what Facebook promises are “more timely and relevant messages.” FBX dramatically increases the amount of brand-safe inventory available through RTB during 9-5 working hours,  and acquisition costs are substantially lower through FBX than through other programmatic channels. Facebook says that FBX enables marketers to user their own real-time consumer insight data to reach an audience on Facebook.

YouTube Unveils Official iOS App
YouTube this week unveiled its official app for iPhone and iPod Touch from the Apple Store. It will feature pre-roll and other ad formats that the native iOS app did not. And it taps far deeper into the YouTube bank of videos.  The app also includes a channel guide and subscription feature, along with new search tools and suggestions while you type. Users can also share videos to Facebook and Twitter and through email and text message.

Instagram Has 100 Million Users
Photo-sharing app Instagram, fresh from finalizing its acquisition by Facebook, has crossed the 100 million users mark, according to Mark Zuckerberg.  Last we heard from Instagram in July, the service had 80 million users, which suggests that the app is seeing an upward of 10 million downloads per month.

Facebook Has No Plans to Launch in China
Jayne Leung, Facebook’s North Asia director, revealed during the Social Media Matters event in Hong Kong last week that the social network still has no plan to launch in China. There have been rumors floating around that Facebook would enter China ever since 2007 when the company first registered the domain name .cn. Earlier this year, Zuckerberg visited China on vacation, fueling these speculations further. For Facebook, China represents an opportunity to vastly expand its user base. The country currently has more than half a billion internet users, while Facebook is just closing in on the one billion user mark. However, any plans to launch in the country have been complicated by the fact that the Chinese government has blocked access to Facebook since 2008.

India to Unveil New Rules to Regulate the Web
The Prime Minister’s Office is pushing for a multi-pronged strategy to “prevent and contain malicious use of internet and social media,” indicating the government’s seriousness about regulating cyberspace. At a meeting at the end of August, attended by heads of all intelligence agencies, as well as representatives from the ministries of home, telecom and IT, the government decided to set up an ‘appropriate regime’ that will address issues related to blocking content on the internet and social media in a ‘smart and timely manner.’ The regime will work out an effective monitoring system, lay out guidelines and operating procedures on the nature of online content that will be blocked, and specify penalties for perpetrators.

Volvo Test Drives Pinterest
Volvo is inviting Pinterest users to plan and share their ideal “joyride” by re-pinning their favorite images of the Volvo S60 T5 along with comments on where they’d like to go on a road trip, where they’d like to stop along the way, what they’d wear during their trip, and what music would enliven their travels.  Volvo kicked of the contest with 155 Pinterest followers and accumulated over 500 in less than a week.  Volvo will also be providing vehicles and funding road trips for the top three pinners with the most followers. In addition, Volvo  plans to expand their design-focused Pinterest strategy to Instagram in the coming weeks.

Grey Goose Employs Instagram and Pinterest for Launch
Bacardi’s Grey Goose has launched a digital program focused on Instagram and Pinterest, as part of its national advertising campaign for the launch of its Cherry Noir vodka. This marks the first time that a nationally recognized spirits brand has used Instagram photographers, or the Pinterest platform, to support a campaign story.  The campaign is centered around a fictitious “Hotel Noir,” where “fashion, music and mysterious characters intersect.” Grey Goose will be releasing a new Hotel Noir-themed story “chapter” each week, inspired by themes and events in a two minute Hotel Noir video. Instagram photographers were commissioned to take sets of photos inspired by chapter themes, to be released throughout the campaign. Each photographer’s photo story will be featured on greygoose.com and Instagram and site users are being encouraged to create their own #hotelnoir stories on Instagram and Twitter. In addition, each weekly chapter is accompanied by a Pinterest board, intended to expand on the narrative with images and content and encourage Pinterest users to engage with the brand and add content from around the web.