Headlines & Stuff October 1, 2012

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Here are some cool things we read about this past week:

In the News

Facebook Rolls Out Gift Giving Feature
Facebook is rolling out a gift-giving feature which users can buy and send items to friends. The gift service will have hundreds of options with more added daily from partners including Starbucks and 1-800-Flowers. Facebook will share an undisclosed percentage of revenue with partners.

Facebook Begins Eliminating Fake Likes
This week Facebook began weeding out “likes” caused by compromised accounts, deceived users and malware or purchased bulk likes. Less than 1% of “likes” on a page would be removed, “providing they and their affiliates have been abiding by our terms,” Facebook stated. Among pages with the most total “likes,” Texas Holdem Poker saw a loss of more than 96k “likes,” Rihanna lost 28,000, Shakira lost 26,000, Lady Gaga dropped 34,000, and Farmville lost 45,000.

Create a Mini Store Out of Pins on Pinterest
ShopInterest turns Pinterest boards into mini-shops, so instead of clicking through to the website where the product can be found, people can buy it directly from the Pinterest page. The new e-commerce platform is great for independent sellers, helping them create a fully-featured online store to generate sales from their followers. To start a store, users need to sign in and select boards where their products are. They then can add a description, prices, shipping charges, and the payment method they’d like to accept. ShopInterest handles the rest. Check out the video here to see how it works.

GetGlue Redesigns Site To Be a Personalized Viewing Guide
Social entertainment platform, GetGlue this week revealed its redesigned website, which transforms GetGlue.com from just a check-in service to a personalized viewing guide for TV, movies and sports. Unlike other TV guides often presented in grid format, the revamped GetGlue.com shows your guide as a scrolling list prioritized by what’s on right now with labels for recommendations and new content. The guide also integrates friends’ “likes” and check-ins. GetGlue uses your check-ins to personalize the guide.

Tweets Will Be Downloadable By The End Of The Year
Twitter CEO Dick Costolo announced a the Online News Association conference that users will soon have the ability to download their tweets. Many Twitter users have been asking for the ability to download a record of their tweets without taking the time to copy and paste everything. It appears they will now get their wish as soon as by the end of this year.

MySpace Redesigns Site
MySpace revealed this week a video that teases the future of the once wildly popular social network, now that Justin Timberlake and others have steered it in a new direction. According to the company, the fan and entertainment-focused service is being rebuilt “entirely from scratch.” As you can see in the teaser here, MySpace is debuting a media-focused social network which emphasizes imagery, a static footer navigation bar with a built in music player and a left-to-right timeline of posts. There is no official launch date for the new services as of yet. Request an invite here.

Facebook Now Tracks Consumer Retail Purchases
Facebook is working with a data mining firm to show marketers that consumers who see ads on the social network actually buy advertised products. The company purchased data on 70 million U.S. households from Datalogix, which culls information from loyalty cards and programs for more than 1,000 retailers.  Datalogix matches emails and data associated with loyalty cards and programs with emails and information required to set up a Facebook account. Using this information, the company can say whether or not a consumer purchased an item after seeing it advertised on Facebook. Datalogix and Facebook have tracked 45 campaigns. In 70% of those campaigns, a dollar spent on Facebook resulted in $3 in sales. This news comes after Facebook last month started allowing marketers to match user email addresses and phone numbers with their own data profiles. The change means that brands can now target users on Facebook even if those consumers haven’t “liked” the brand.

LinkedIn Launches “Endorsements”
LinkedIn this week announced Endorsements, a new feature that allows you to recognize professions for their expertise. Endorsements has launched in English across the U.S., India, New Zealand and Australia. LinkedIn plans to expand Endorsements for all languages and all members “over the next few weeks.” It takes just one click to endorse your connections for a skill they’ve listed on their profile or recommend one they haven’t added yet. Think of LinkedIn Endorsements as “Facebook Likes for Professionals.”

Always Keep Tabs On Your Friends With New Foursquare Notifications
Foursquare has unveiled updated notifications this week that lets users keep tabs on their friends no matter where they go. With the new settings, users can opt to “always” receive notifications when family or close friends check-in somewhere “even when they are not nearby or you have all check-in notifications turned off.” The notifications will allow you to keep up with globe-trekking friends when they are backpacking abroad or to see if they’ve arrived safely at the airport for example.

Global Social Media

Brazil Orders the Arrest of Google’s President of Operations
The president of Google’s Brazil Operations, Fabio Jose Silva Coelho, was arrested after failing to remove YouTube videos that reportedly attacked a mayoral candidate. It’s not the first of Google’s legal concerns in Brazil. The company has been battling government restrictions for months. Brazil has led the charge when it comes to removal requests for content provided by Google. The company had previously reported that it had a total of 669 removal requests from Brazil, with the majority of them being attributed to the Google’s refusal to give up blogger identities.

8 in 10 British Internet Users Are Active on Social Media, with 68% on Facebook
Facebook is the most popular social media site in the UK, with 68% of internet users being active on the site, followed by Twitter (28%) and LinkedIn (26%). A recent study found that the increasing number of smartphones worldwide is leading to an increase in social media use; with 66% of smartphone users active on social media daily, as opposed to 48% of people without a smartphone.  It was also found that 5% of internet users in the UK use Pinterest and Instagram.

Salamworld, Social Network for Muslims, Launches
In order to provide a social media environment that is sensitive to Muslim sensibilities, a group of Turkish, Russian and Central Asian businessmen have funded a new social network for Muslims called Salamworld.  The site is said to be like Facebook, but with more attention paid to “core Muslim values.” There are 250 million Muslim Facebook users, and the founders of the site believe that there is no halal (Islam-compliant) alternative.  In addition to the Facebook-like features, Salamworld will offer advice from Muslim clerics, a virtual religious library, city guides, and Muslim news. The founders hope to attract 50 million users in the next five years.

Noteworthy Campaigns

Print Ad For The CW To Feature Tiny Screen With Live Twitter Feed
The promote its fall TV lineup and take advantage of the social nature of viewers, CW is using a new kind of insert within Entertainment Weekly. The October 5 edition of the magazine will feature an ad with a small LCD screen that will display a video preview of new shows and a live Twitter feed of the last six tweets from @CW_Network. An in-house social media team managing the feed will delete any content that includes profanity or other unacceptable language, but negative comments about CW shows won’t be edited out.

Oreo Creates Their Version of the Daily Google Doodle Using Cookie Icing
From celebrating Gay Pride on June 25 with a multi-colored Oreo, memorializing Curiosity’s landing on Mars with red tire treads on August 5th, and even marking the start of Shark Week with a bitten Cookie on August 12th, Oreo has created a playful, relevant ad each day for nearly 100 days. The campaign is dubbed “The Daily Twist,” and was launched in honor of Oreo’s 100th Birthday Celebration. The campaign will end on October 2, with a live, crowd-sourced ‘twist.’ Oreo will set up a ‘temporary ad agency’ in Times Square, and will take suggestions for the last ad from Facebook and Twitter fans. The suggestions will be narrowed down to eight and opened up to a public vote via Facebook as well as broadcast via a Times Square billboard. The winning idea (Oreo’s 100th Daily Twist) will be unveiled at 2pm. Check out the gallery of ‘Twists’ here.

In London, Kellogg’s Swaps Snacks for Tweets to #tweetshop
Kellogg is bridging the gap between social currency and real-life money by letting customers at a central London pop-up store, pay for Special K Cracker Crisps with a tweet. Allowing consumers to spend their social currency isn’t just a good gimmick, it’s an illustration of the value that Twitter holds in the real world. The twittersphere has been active, not only with tweets from customers claiming their free snacks in-store, but with people spreading the word about the novel idea of products for tweets. The pop-up store is open for four days in Soho and is selling only Special K Cracker Crisps. A live community board that displays #tweetshop tweets as they happen is featured in the store. Kellogg isn’t the only brand to try this tactic. In South Africa this summer, a Cape Town vending machine was set up to deliver free BOS iced team when it received a tweet with the hashtag #tweet4t.