Stats of the Week December 7, 2012

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Every week we compile lots of interesting stats here at Fanscape. Here are some of our favorites from this past week:


We were perusing travel specialists Frommer’s website recently and stumbled upon their 2011 Digital Travel Content and User Experience Consumer Survey and found some very interesting stats.  While the data might be a little older than we like, we think much of this still holds up.  Here are some highlights:

  • Facebook: 72% of 18-34 share travel experience via Facebook (33% general pop)
  • Photo Gallery: 69% of 18-34 share travel experience (38% general pop)
  • Hotel Reviews: 52% of 18-34 share travel experience (51% general pop)
  • Travel Blog: 27% of 18-34 share travel experience (20% general pop)
  • Twitter: 26% of 18-34 share travel experience (8% general pop)
  • Foursquare/Gowalla: 9% of 18-34 share travel experience (2% general pop)

Source: Frommer’s

Social Channel: Instagram

Instagram had a banner day on Thanksgiving.  Per the folks at Instagram…

  • More than 10 million photos whose captions included Thanksgiving-related terms were posted
  • For several hours, more than 200 photos were being uploaded every second
  • Per Instagram, “Overall, the day broke all Instagram records as we saw the number of shared photos more than double from the day before, making it our busiest day so far.”

Source: Instagram

Industry Stuff: Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday ranks as the biggest online spending day ever.  MarketingCharts gathered all kinds of juicy data including:

  • American spent $1.465 billion online on Cyber Monday, up 17% from last year
    • making it the biggest day for US e-commerce in history
  • It also joins Black Friday as the second day of the season to pass the $1 billion online spending mark.
  • For the holiday season-to-date (November 1-26):
    • Americans have spent more than $16 billion online
    • representing 16% growth from the same period last year
  • Mobile devices accounted for 18.4% of site traffic on Cyber Monday, up from 10.8% a year earlier
  • Mobile’s percentage of total sales stood at 12.9%, almost double last year’s 6.6%
  • The iPad accounted for 7.1% of total site traffic, just ahead of the iPhone (6.9%), but further ahead of Android devices (4.5%)
  • The top gaining product categories on Cyber Monday were digital content and subscriptions (+28%), consumer electronics (+24%), computer hardware (+22%), video games, consoles, and accessories (+18%), and jewelry and watches (+17%)
  • 47.1% of dollars spent at US websites came from work computers
  • Online shopping peaked at 11:25 AM on Cyber Monday
  • Transaction volume was up, though average order value dropped 6% to $185.12

Source: MarketingCharts

Just for Fun

Top 5 Holiday Wish List from Twitter Users

  1. A new Smartphone… or anything from apple
  2. Kiss Justin Bieber Under the Mistletoe
  3. New Clothes and Shoes
  4. More Money and Food
  5. To be Healthy and Gather with Family

Source: SocialBakers