Headlines & Stuff January 14, 2013

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Here are some cool things we read about this past week:

Facebook Single Column Timeline
Facebook has begun rolling out a single-column design for timelines which better organizes users’ persona pages and places greater emphasis on communication between friends. The revamped timeline has gone live for users in New Zealand. All communication from friends and status updates are placed on the left-hand side column only. The left side has been made larger to place a greater emphasis on messages. The right hand side column is now smaller as a result.

Facebook is Testing $100 Charge To Message Non-Friends
Facebook is testing out a feature that charges users $100 to send direct messages to strangers on the social network. When attempting to send a message to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, a notification  stated:  “You aren’t connected to Mark on Facebook, so your message would normally get filtered to his Other folder.” The notification gives the sender two options “Send this message to his inbox for $100” or “Just send this message to his Other folder.”

New Twitter Search Capabilities
This week, Twitter announced new search capabilities that give it the upper hand as a breaking news source over basically every other news organization. When a new search begins on Twitter, Twitter’s API will send the query to Amazon’s Technical Turk service, where humans categorize it to help make it more relevant to readers. Then Twitter can populate its Discover section with live, topical streams of news.

Instagram Has Lost Half Of Its Daily Users After Privacy Policy Backlash
Recent figures reveal that photo sharing service Instagram has lost almost 50% of its daily users in less than one month. Instagram upset users in December when it attempted to introduce new terms and conditions which suggested it could sell user photos to advertisers. The  company quickly backtracked after a massive backlash. Active daily users on Instagram dropped from 16.35 million on December 17 to 8.42 million on January 11.

Global Social Media

Facebook Leads in 127 Out of 137 Countries
Facebook with 1 billion active users has established the leadership position in 127 out of 137 countries analyzed. One of the drivers of its growth is Asia with 278 million users, surpassing Europe with 251 million. North America has 243 million users, South America 142 million, African 52 million and Oceania 15 million.

France Becomes Twitter’s 7th Largest Market
More than 5.5 million French internet users accessed Twitter in November 2012, making a 53% rise in Twitter’s desktop audience. As a result, France is now the seventh largest market for Twitter.

LinkedIn Hits 200 Million Registered Users Worldwide
LinkedIn has announced it has reached 200 million user registrations worldwide – with new users being added at an average rate of two per second. LinkedIn’s membership spans more than 200 countries and territories. The U.S. remains  the biggest market, followed by India, the UK, Brazil, and Canada.

Noteworthy Campaigns

Hasbro Crowdsources New Monopoly Token on Facebook

Hasbro has launched  the “Save Your Token” campaign, to retire either the race car, iron, Scottie dog, wheelbarrow, shoe, top hat, thimble or battleship.  The company is letting fans vote on which they want to keep via the Monopoly Facebook Page. The one with the lowest total vote gets retired permanently. Fans can also vote on the replacement toke: a toy robot, helicopter, cat, guitar or diamond ring.

Jaguar Revs Up F-Type Marketing Via Instagram Contest

Jaguar North America is prompting users of Instagram to capture the essence of the brand for the chance to be one of the first drivers of the new F-Type model. The automaker is giving users an unlimited amount of entries to the contest and encouraging them to share their images with as many friends as possible. Jaguar USA is spreading the word about the contest via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram. The #CaptureAJag campaign invites users to submit their Instagram images of a Jaguar vehicle that best shows the spirit of the brand. Jaguar is using the tagline “Your picture. Your chance. Your turn.” Instagram users must tag images with #CaptureAJag as well as “like” the brand on Facebook  to enter.