Headlines & Stuff February 11, 2013

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Here are some cool things we read about this past week:

Facebook Ads Will Soon Display AdChoices Icon
Facebook display ads will soon sport the advertising industry’s AdChoices icon, allowing users to opt out of the billions of monthly behavioral targeted ads that appear on the social network. The icon will begin appearing on ads served via the Facebook Exchange by the end of Q1. Facebook will add the AdChoices icon to the “about this ad” link available in the drop down menu, which appears when users click on the gray “x.”

Facebook is Creating a Location Sharing App
Facebook is developing a new app that keeps track of a user’s location, and reports information to friends when they are nearby. The app will be released in mid-March, and will run even when it isn’t open on users’ phones.

Twitter Buys Bluefin Labs
Twitter has acquired Bluefin Labs, a social TV analytics company. Twitter continues to ramp up their ties to social TV, and with good reason, as we continue to see a strong correlation between people watching shows and tweeting about them.  The microblog hired a Head of TV last fall and secured a multi-year partnership with Nielsen in December to produce the first-ever social TV ratings.  Bluefin Labs offers detailed reports about which brands are discussed the most on social media. It can provide Twitter with the ammo it needs to hook advertisers by showing who needs to spend money to up their social media status and who needs to spend money to retain their place at the time.

Instagram Now Lets You View Your Feed on the Web
Instagram announced this week that users can now browse their feeds on the Web, just like they can already do on their mobile devices. To check yours out, go to Instagram.com and login to your account. The feed works similarly to the one on your mobile phone. You can browse through the latest photos from people you follow and get updates in real time as they post new ones. You can ‘like’ and comment on phones from the feed as well.

Global Social Media

Brazil: The Social Media Capital of the World?
Brazil is becoming a bright spot for social media companies as they seek more and  more growth outside of the U.S. Brazil is particularly appealing because China, the world’s biggest emerging market, currently blocks sites including YouTube and Facebook. Facebook has 65 million users in Brazil, which makes it the company’s second largest market outside of the U.S. By the end of 2012, Brazil was also the biggest market outside of the U.S for YouTube. Twitter says Brazil has become one of their top-five active markets. Globally, the average time spent on Facebook dropped 2% in 2012, but in Brazil, Facebook time grew 208%. The average time spent on YouTube grew 5%, though usage dropped 3% world-wide.

Noteworthy Campaigns

Banana Republic, Match.com, and Oh Joy Spread V-Day Love
Banana Republic is launching its new Spring clothing line with a global marketing campaign called “Love,” and is even trying to translate the ads into real-life, sponsoring in-store Valentine’s Day events with Match.com. The meet-and greet mixers are scheduled to happen after hours in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago. BR has also enlisted the help of fashion and lifestyle blogger Joy D. Cho of “Oh Joy” to share her personal love story. Cho and her husband have recreated their first date in Banana Republic clothing, with photos appearing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Banana Republic fans can participate too, by sharing their favorite photos of hearts on Instagram or Twitter, for the chance to be included in a Valentine’s Day album posted on Facebook.